In Marvel Comics Universe Earth-928, it's been about 90 years since the last Power Rangers team (R.P.M.) came to be, leaving the Marvel Multiverse with 7 Ranger teams ( Ninja Storm to R.P.M. ). But now, the newest corrupted Mega Corporation called Hexagon is trying to create company controlled Rangers to better their grip on the state of California. But the resistance known as The Silver Guardians of 2099 got to all 51 original morphers before the company's evil recruits called The Fallen Angels could claim them, leaving only the new 5 A-Squad Morphers for the 5 gang members. Can the next generation of Ninja Storm , Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury and R.P.M. Power Rangers put an end to Hexagon, A-Squad 2099 ,Hexagon CEO Lothor Hex ( Lothor 2099 ) , his monster's and free California from tearony once and for all? Find out in Marvel Comics Power Rangers 2099. 

Power Rangers 2099 prototype logo.

Power Rangers 2099 Villens!
Name Type of Villen
Lothor Hex ( Lothor 2099 ) Hexagon CEO
Tynanodrones 2099 genetically injoneared human cyborg Dinos
Anthony Mercer ( Messogog 2099 ) Hexagon Chairman
Kelzacks 2099 Hexagon security and California's corrupted police force
Cribots 2099 Hexagon`s robotic army
Smitty Trax ( Zeltrax 2099 ) Lothor 2099s head monster maker
A-Squad 2099 & Koragg 2099 Five evil Power Rangers baced on the 1st A-Squad of the year 2025 & Koragg of 2006 as their sixth Ranger
Teniah Hex (Teniah7 2099) Wife of Lothor Hex and President of Hexagon
Venjix 2099 Super Computer for Hexagon
Notes :
All of the 51 good Power Rangers of 2099 keep their Weapons, Zords, Vieahcles, Enhancement Modes and Red Rangers Battlizer Armor in a pocket dimension within the Universal Morphing Grid, while the evil A-Squad Rangers and Koragg The Knight Wolf of 2099 actually keep theirs at Hexagon HQ. Also, because all of these Ranger Teams are from Disney seasons, none of the Saban Era team's exist in this universe. However, all of the Saban Era seasons do exist in the D.C.Comics Earth-1 universe.
Abbreviation of the word Hexagon!
H.E.X.A.G.O.N. Horrific Enterprise eXamining Angle Grove & Other Nitwits.