In Boom Studios' Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comicbook series, Jason Lee Schot returns as the Gold Zeo Ranger, who has been changed to the Mighty Morphin Gold Ranger with a Black and Metallic Gold Power Morpher with a Gold Ranger Power Coin which has the symbol of the Gold Rangers helmet visor on the front of it. His Zord is the Gold Pyramidas Carrier Thunderzord, which was a Zeozord on the Power Rangers Zeo TV series, but it now takes the place of Tor The Shuttle Zord in the formation of the Thunder Ultrazord. The Warrior Wheel, also from Zeo, is now the sixth and Gold Shogonzord. 

Name Ranger Colour Thunderzord for Thunder Ultrazord Formation
Rocky Desantos Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Dragon Thunderzord
Billy Cranston Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger Unicorn Thunderzord
Aisha Campbell Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger Griffin Thunderzord
Adam Park Mighty Morphin Black Ranger Lion Thunderzord
Kimberly Hart Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger Fire Bird Thunderzord
Tommy Oliver Mighty Morphin White Ranger Tiger Thunderzord
Jason Schot Mighty Morphin Gold Ranger ( formally Zeo ) Pyramidas Thunderzord ( in Carrier and Shuttle Mode )

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