The True 22 are a collection of alternate universes in the Power Ranger's Multiverse, and below are their names and other information about them. 

List of Power Ranger Realities that form The True 22!
Name and Number Information
1) Ranger Prime/Sentaiverse Home to all of the Super Sentai
2) Prison Dimension First premeard in Green With Evil Part Two
3) Back Dimension A Universe once traveled to by the Chojin Sentai Jetman
4) Manga Sentaiverse Home to all of the Super Sentai' s Manga counterparts
5) Rangerverse/Sabanverse Home to all of the Saban Era Seasons
6) Ranger Movie Multiverse A collection of Power Ranger movies that are not apart of the same community as the T.V. series
7) Ranger Showverse Our home reality where all of the Super Sentai and Power Rangers are t.v. shows, movies and comics
8) Lothorville The Power Rangers version of The D.C.Comic Earth 3 Universe
9) SPD Paradox (2040 A) The Omega Rangers home universe and timeline before it was altered when he time traveled to the year 2025
10) Comicverse Home to the true original Beetleborgs
11) Jetixverse Home to all of the Disney Era Seasons
12) Fan Videoverse A Multiverse that is the home to every fan made Power Ranger video on the internet and other media
13) Go-Busters Alternate The home reality to an alternate version of the Go-Busters.
14)Ranger Gamerverse Home to all of the Power Rangers videogames
15) Zedd's Pocket Dimension First and only appeared in Power Rangers Super Legends 15th Anniversary for the PlayStation Two
16) Hall of Legends A pocket Dimension inside the Universal Morphing Grid and home to both its guardian and his successor, The Super Omega Ranger
17) Dark Dimension Home to and the source to the power's of darkness itself
18) RangerToonverse Home Multiverse for every Power Rangers cartoon
19) Crossworld Home to the V.R. Troopers
20) Dark Wish Universe A Universe where Mystic Force never came to be
21) Earth 1 D.C.Universe New and final home for all of the Saban seasons of Power Rangers
22) Marvel Mainstream Universe New and final home for all of the Disney seasons of Power Rangers

NOTE : Saban sold all of his seasons to Warner Bros and D.C.COMICS before he eventually sold all of the Disney seasons to Marvel comics, and he later stated that the reason why he sold the Disney seasons to Marvel is because he wants to further keep them out of his Power Rangers community; sadly, that didn't go over too well with the Power Ranger fan's.

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