Starting in 2010 & ending in 2014, the Power Rangers series once suffered its own Dark Ages, also known as Five Years of Crap. Below are the five seasons in a row that almost put an end to the Power Rangers franchise forever. 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Imagined
In 2010, Disney decided to cancel the series and remaster the original 32 episodes of M.M.P.R. season 1, and this was also the season that first introduced the Zord Builders Toyline. Unfortunately, everyone not only hated the fact that Disney cancelled Power Rangers, they also hated the Adam West style special effects and word bubbles they added in each episode, forcing Haim Saban to happily buy back the show from them. If people only knew then what We all know now, the fan's and other viewer's would shutter with fear, disgust and confusion.

Power Rangers Samurai 
2011 was the year that Saban and Nickelodeon gave us Power Rangers Samurai, but even though this was the first new season sence Power Rangers RPM, We soon became aware of all the things that changed, just not in a good way. Nickelodeon made Saban split every Sentai into two seasons per ranger team, every 2nd season had to have the word Super in its name, lazy writers, the unanswered questions and the bad acting all made us hate both Nickelodeon and Saban equally. It was never explained how an interracial team of Rangers are descended from Japanese Samurai, or why that horrible Clash of the Red Rangers crossover is considered a movie instead of a two part episode. The Zord exclusive Mega, Super Mega and Mega Shark Modes were all a waist of money, sharing the Shogon Battlizer Mode was unnecessary and We all knew that the medicine Master Xandrid was taking was actually him getting drunk on either rum or saki. Octoroo never returned for a Samurai/Megaforce team up which never happened, Go Go Power Rangers was the theme song and Saban was obviously trying to make Samurai a clone of Mighty Morphin. Saban was reaching out to a child audience, but a child audience set in the 1990s. It's like Mike Tyson once said : "A man at age 50 who sees the world as he did at age 30 has waisted 20 years of his life.", a lesson that Saban hadn't learned yet.
Power Rangers Super Samurai
In 2012, the 2nd half of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger became the first Super season in Power Rangers history, but had the same old smell of 90s cheese. How can the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers be the original Power Rangers when the Samurai Rangers predate them by almost a millennium? This season also gave us an even worse Halloween special, while the Christmas special was the third holiday special in a row to be a very boring premonition episode. Deker should have been a corrupted Red Wild Force Ranger, the scripts for both Samurai seasons should never have been the American translated versions of the original Shinkenger scripts and should have had thirty episodes instead of twenty.
Power Rangers Megaforce
2013 gave us Power Rangers Megaforce, the first rushed season ever, but sadly not the last. Troy Borrows is by far the worst Red Ranger that ever was, Gosei doesn't explain anything, Gosei not helpful to the Rangers unlike his mentor Zordon ( We all know he lied about being mentored by Zordon ) and Megaforce was yet another failed attempt at clone of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. What diversity did Troy Borrows suffered from again? Why is he wearing a jacket and Emma wearing hot pants? Why the Go Go Power Rangers theme song again? None of that is explained unfortunately, nor is the Morphing Grid ever brought up.
Power Rangers Super Megaforce
Finally, We go back to 2014, as I saved the worst for last. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is changed to the Megaforce Rangers Super Mega Mode, the pirate theme is never addressed nor explained, all of the weapons have Super Mega in their names, the series was rushed, not all of the Legendary Ranger Modes were used including from the first five new power set's, editing errors all over the place and an extremely disappointing Mega War/Mega Battle/Legendary Battle. There are soo many holes in this bad 90s cheese you can't even call it swiss; or in other words, this was the final staw that broke the Camelzords back. This is the only season of Power Rangers that needs to be remaded with  new but more experienced actors, experienced writers like the ones for In Space and SPD, the names Super Mega and Legendary changed to Captan while Power Rangers Super Megaforce is renamed Power Rangers Captain Force, the Morphing coad changed to Yo-Ho Captain Force, Orion's Gold Mode renamed Battlizer Mode, 40 episodes instead of a measly 20 for anything that's not SpongeBob Squarepants, more teamups with past Power Ranger teams and anything else not thought up by Saban and Nickelodeon would be a much needed plus.

NOTE : All of this is why 2010-2014 is considered the Power Rangers Five Years of Crap, and both Saban and Nickelodeon still refuse to apologize for all of their mistakes.

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