The Story : When Lord Zedd began his intergalactic conquest with his Dwarf Planet size War Zord Serpenterra after the defeat of his apprentice and bride to be Rita Repalsa, Dalsiah decided that she and her fellow members of the Order of The Meridian must use an ancient map to the Ninjati Temple in order to prove to its protector Ninjor that they are worthy to receive and use the Thunder Power Coins. After passing all of the trials, Ninjor gave them the five new Power Coins. Before they all returned to the planet Meridia, Lord Zedd had already destroyed the entire Machine Empire and Divadox along with her crew. After finally destroying Lord Zedd and his Serpenterra Warzord, the Order of The Meridian, now also known as The Mighty Squadron Power Rangers, sent the Thunder Power Coins to Saba and Alpha Five for safe keeping, and the movie ends with Zordon telling the Rangers that those past events in this fan film are what led him to give their Dinozords the power to morph into the Thunderzords. 

The Mighty Squadron Power Rangers/Order of The Meridian!
Name Home Planet Gender 1st Appearance Ranger Color
Prince Braxis Edenoi Male Zordon of Eltar Red
Larigo Enqius Male Turbo : A Power Rangers Movie Blue
Admiral Dregon Edanoi Male The Masked Rider Green
Dalsiah Phedos Female Mighty Morphin Power Rangers : The Movie 1995 Yellow
Demetria Female Power Rangers Turbo Episode Three : Shift Into Turbo Pt 3 Pink

NOTE : This is also the first new appearance of Dex as the Masked Rider. 

The Order of The Meridian : A Power Rangers Fan Film!


Braxis, Dregon, Larigo, Dalsiah and Demetria


9,990 year's before Rita Repalsa escaped

Mighty Squadron Power Ranger Forms

Baced on the Gosei Sentai Dairangers




Baced on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers power weapons


Thunder Power Morphers

Power Coins

Baced off of the original Thunderzords

Movie Rating

PG ( Parental Guidance )


Dalsiah ( originally ) and Braxis ( as a Ranger )

Running Time

One whole hour

Name 1st Appearance
King Lexion The Masked Rider
Ninjor Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 3
Dex The Masked Rider
Orico Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
Alpha Five Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1
Name 1st Appearance
Lord Zedd Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 2
Serpenterra Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 2
Z-Putty Patrol Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 2
King Mondo Power Rangers Zeo
Queen Machina Power Rangers Zeo
Cog soldiers Power Rangers Zeo
Divadox Turbo : A Power Rangers Movie
Elgar Turbo : A Power Rangers Movie
Cupcake Zordon of Eltar : A Power Rangers Fan Film
Paronatrons Power Rangers Turbo

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