Wanting to exist in the true Power Rangers community, the Power Rangers of the Jetixverse started a Cival War with the ones who forbid them from coexisting with the rest , the Power Rangers of the Sabanverse/Rangerverse. 

Saban's Power Rangers VS Disney's Power Rangers
Saban Team's #of Rangers Jetix Team's # of Rangers
Dino Charge 11 Dino Thunder 5
Samurai 7 Ninja Storm 6
Time Force 6 S.P.D. 8
Lightspeed Rescue 6 Operation Overdrive 6
Megaforce 7 R.P.M. 7
Ninja Charge 6 Jungle Fury 10
Lost Galaxy 6 Mystic Force 8
Psyco Rangers 5 A-Squad 5
Mighty Morphin 6 Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force, Go! 6
The V R Troopers & Beetleborgs Metalix 6 Big Hero Six 6

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