NOTE : This is actually an edited version of the episode.

Saban's Power Rangers Turbo, Episode 20 : Stich Witchery Extended Edition

Saban's Power Rangers Turbo

The last 2:23 of episode 19 before the end credits replaces the first 0:58 of episode 20, leaving the previous 19 episodes to no longer exist in the updated special edition of season five; thus ending the season with only the last 26 episodes.

New running time : 21:05 (still)

Original Rangers : The Final appearance of Tommy, Tanya, Adam, Katherine and Alpha Five.

Allies : Bulk, Skull, Lt. Stone, Alpha Six and Dementia

Home : Angel Grove

HQ : Turbo Command Center/Power Chamber

School : Angle Grove High

Baced on : Carranger and Turbo, A Power Rangers Movie!

Deleted Scenes : The first and second one's with Bulk and Skull

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