Power Rangers LPB ( Lightning Prizum Battalion ) is a unique team of Rangers that includes the Yellow and Blue Rangers from Maskman, the Green and Pink Rangers from Flashman and the Red Ranger from Dynaman. They were originally put together by Saban so that people would stop complaining about the other members of their respected Ranger teams, with American exclusive Zords and Megazords in a 13 episode miniseries. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Story : An ancient evil from Earths past has returned after 5,000 year's of being trapped in an enchanted puzzle that was accidentally solved by an archeologist. The military than responded by creating their very own Red Ranger, but when one Ranger wasn't enough, two more were created but with a different look. They then created two more in order to complete the team, but made the same mistake by also making them look even more different than Red and the Blue and Yellow duo. Their differences were what made them a team, and eventually they finally defeated their enemies once and for all.

The LPB Rangers
Ranger Name Birth Name Zord Name
Red Battalion Ranger Jamaal Jenkins : Age 17 Red Jet Megazord
Blue Lightning Ranger Chavo Gonzalez : Age 19 Blue Tank Lightningzord
Yellow Lightning Ranger Maggie McLaren : Age 17  Yellow Racer Lightningzord
Green Prizum Ranger Chang Lao : Age 20 Green Copter Prizumzord
Pink Prizum Ranger Amanda Smith : Age 20 Pink Ambulance Prizumzord
Name Zords and Megazords that form them
Jet Megazord Jet Zord
Lightning Storm Megazord Tank and Racer Zords
Storm Jet Megazord Jet Megazord + Lightning Storm Megazord
Prizum Megazord Copter and Ambulance Zords
Prizum Storm Megazord Prizum Megazord + Lightning Storm Megazord
LPB Ultrazord Jet Megazord + Lightning Storm Megazord + Prizum Megazord
Name User
Battalion Morpher Red Ranger
Lightning Morpher Blue and Yellow Rangers
Prizum Morpher Green and Pink Rangers
?????????? & ???????? Blue Ranger
Battalion Sword Red Ranger
Bolt Hand Cannons Yellow Ranger
Electric Shield Blue Ranger
LPB Blasters All Five
Battlizer Morpher Red Ranger
Super Prizum Mode Green and Pink Rangers
General Philip Oxfam ____________________________________Power Rangers Blitz Soliders
Admiral Stacey Wilson __________________Princess Jeenessa Police
Professor Steven Tyler Goldman ________________________________Prince Dramei SWAT Team
Dr. Beverley Zeta _______________Alpha Ten/Alpha 10/Alpha X Navy Seals
Officer Gary Huffington _______________________________Detective Marcus Tollman FBI
Emperor Krollis Leader
Empress Skella 2nd Leader
General Tukar 3rd in Command
Attack Bots Minions
Wormies Minions
Episode List
1 The Team Part One
2 The Team Part Two
3 The Team Part Three
4 The Megazords
5 Battle of The Megazords
6 The Battlizer
7 Super Prizum Mode
8 The Ultrazord Part One
9 The Ultrazord Part Two
10 Down With The King And Queen Part One
11 Down With The King And Queen Part Two
12 The Last Stand Part One
13 The Last Stand Part Two
The Red Ranger is from the Super Sentai Series Dynaman
The Blue and Yellow Rangers are from the Super Sentai series Maskman
The Green and Pink Prizum Rangers are from the Super Sentai series Flashman
Power Rangers Blitz are from the Super Sentai series Changeman
Most of the Ranger weapons are American exclusive's
The Zords and Megazords are all American exclusive's
All of the villains and monsters are American exclusive's
This is the 2nd shortest series after Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
This is the first ever American exclusive Power Rangers season
Half of the series consists of a 3 parter and three 2 part episodes

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