Episode List!
Episode# Name Story Original Air Date
1 Captain Force Pt. 1 In order to even the playing field against the Zangyak Alien Armada, Zordon and Alpha Seven replaces his Rangers Megaforce power's with their new Captain Force power's. February 4th 2023
2 Captain Force Pt. 2 In their 2nd fight with another Armada commander, the Rangers form the Captain Megazord for the very first time. February 11th 2023
3 Mystic Force Nick : The Red Mystic Ranger gives Captain Force ability to summon a new version of the Mystic Dragon Formation In order to defeat another commander. February 18th 2023
4 SPD Cybax plans to destroy every major city on Earth with devastating missiles, but after unlocking the Mighty Squadron Power Rangers Ranger Keys and mastering the SPD Ranger Keys, day would destroy his missiles and then Cybax himself with the Captain SPD Megazord. February 25th 2023
5 Jungle Fury Casy : The Jungle Fury Red Ranger trains the Captain Force Rangers in the Tiger, Cheetah, Jaguar, Wolf and Rhino techniques to defeat Pachachamie. March 4th 2023
6 Wild Force The Rangers travel to the floating island called The Animarium to earn the trust of the Red Lion Wildzord so that they can form the Captain Wild Force Megazord. March 11th 2023
7 Samurai Jayden : The Red Samurai Ranger give Captain Force The Double Disc and the ability to transform the Captain Wild Force Megazord into the Captain Samurai Megazord. March 18th 2023
8 Turbo A monster uses a love potion to get Laveria to fall in love with him, but she winds up falling for Jake instead. March 25th 2023
9 Lost Galaxy A new but unknown Silver Ranger finishes off a monster that nearly destroyed the Rangers when he uses the Magna Defender Key in his Q-Rex Megazord to destroy the commander with the Defender Torozord's finishing attack. April 1st 2023
10 The Silver Lining Pt. 1 Orion : The Captain Force Silver Ranger premiers. April 8th 2023
11 The Silver Lining Pt. 2 Orion joins the team and summons his Q-Rex Drill/Dinozord/ Megazord 2.0 to destroy an Armada Commander. April 15th 2023
12 The Power of Six Orion merges all 15 of his Legendary Six Ranger Keys into his Gold Anchor Key and uses it to morph into his Battlizer Mode. April 22nd 2023
13 Operation Overdrive Meritrix returns as a monster; but in the end, when Orion combines the Q-Rex Megazord with the arm's of the Captain Megazord, he forms the Captain Operation Overdrive Megazord and destroys her. April 29th 2023
14 Megaforce After remastering their Megaforce power's and defeated another commander the the Mechazords. May 6th 2023
15 Lightspeed Rescue when all six Captain Force Rangers master the Lightspeed Rescue Keys, they get to Summon the Red Hydro Blaster Lightspeedzord and combine it with their Megazord to form the Captain Lightspeed Rescue Megazord. May 13th 2023
16 Nonja Storm Pt. 1 The Captain Force Rangers team up with the Ninja Storm Rangers against an old enemy of theirs. May 20th 2023
17 Ninja Storm Pt. 2 After Ninja Storm and Captain Force defeated the villain, he grows into a giant. So Captain Force forms the Captain Megazord and soon summons the Green Ninjazord before combining them into the Captain Ninja Storm Megazord. May 27th 2023
18 Dino Thunder Prince Vakar is sick and the only cure is human happiness, but the monster who tried to steal the cure for him gets destroyed by the Captain Dino Thunder Megazord. Jume 3rd 2023
19 Zeo The Rangers travel to the secret hidden Zord Bay in the remains of Zordon's Command Center for any old Zord that they can upgrade into another Auxiliaryzord, and they soon find Billy`s prototype for the Turbo and Rescuezords called The Red Racer Zeozord, which can now combine with their Megazord to form the Captain Zeo Megazord. June 10th 2023
20 Mighty Squadron After being trained by the Mighty Squadron Power Rangers in using and harnessing the power of their own Chi as a weapon and then mastering the Mighty Squadron Power Rangers Ranger Keys, they get to use a similar Chi Attack with the Captain Megazord. June 17th 2023
21 RPM Pt. 1 Professor Cog tricks the Rangers into travelling to The RPM Rangers universe with a false distress call and traps them there, but they are soon helped by the RPM Rangers and Dr. K with the creation of a new Attackzord called The Turbo Falcon Zord, created from the combined power's of Power Rangers Turbo and Captain Force. June 24th 2023
22 RPM Pt. 2 After defeating a robot with the Turbo Falcon Attackzord in Megazord Mode, the new Zord helps the Captain Force Rangers return home and destroy Professor Cog by combining the two Megazords together into the Captain RPM Megazord. July 1st 2023
23 Super Megaforce Pt. 1 Vakar defeats the Rangers with a Zord given to him by his father and names it The Armadatron. July 8th 2023
24 Super Megaforce Pt. 2 The Rangers combine The Q-Rex, Turbo Falcon and Captain Megazords together into the Ultimate Captain Megazord to destroy both the Armadatron and Prince Vakar once and for all. July 15th 2023
25 In Space The Captain Force Rangers master the In Space Ranger Keys and soon summon The Silver Spacezord before combining it with the Captain Megazord to form the Captain In Space Megazord and destroy another commander. July 22nd 2023
26 Time Force When the Q-Rex fails to come from the 31st Century, The Captain Force Rangers use the Time Force Ranger power's to time travel into the future to find out what went wrong, but an Armada Commander and his army of X-Borgs and Bruisers follow them into the future as the commander herself has with her a portable Maximizer to make herself grow if needed. June 29th 2023
27 Alien Rangers Pt. 1 Our heroes need to earn the trust of Ninjor before he would even consider helping them. August 5th 2023
28 Alien Rangers Pt. 2 After earning his trust, Ninjor fights along side them and their Megazord. August 12th 2023
29 Mighty Morphin Pt. 1 Orion records the two famous tones from The Dragon Dagger so that he can summon the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dragonzord, but Goldar and Scorpina's daughter Stinerella steals his morpher so that she can control Tommy's Dragonzord and Orion's Q-Rex. August 19th 2023
30 Mighty Morphin Pt. 2 After getting his morpher back, Orion summons the Mighty Morphin Dragonzord as it fights along side to two Megazords. Dragonzord soon takes the place of the Skyship in the Megazord Formation and becomes the Captain Mighty Morphin Megazord, which quickly destroyed Stingerella. August 26th 2023
31 Christmas Ranger Orion becomes the Captain Force Christmas Ranger in order to teach some kids the true meaning of the holiday. October 21st 2023
32 Origin of The Five New Power Set's Zordon and Alpha Seven explains the origin and the final battle of each of the five new power set's ( Squadron, Lightning, Prizum, Blitz and Supersonic ) to the Rangers. October 28th 2023
33 The Legacy of The Power The Captain Force Rangers learn the entire history of the Power Rangers from a video recording made by the great Tommy Oliver. November 4th 2023
34 premonitioning The Rangers go over all of their past battles to find out if they truly have unlocked/obtained all the Zords, Megazord Formations and abilities of the past Ranger Teams. November 11th 2023
35 Lord Zedd Returns Pt. 1 Lord Zedd has finally returned for revenge on the Power Rangers and to concur the Earth. November 18th 2023
36 Lord Zedd Returns Pt. 2 The Power Rangers Captain Force finally defeat Lord Zedd with all of their Megazords. November 25th 2023
37 Emperor Mavro Emperor Mavro has arrived and forces Dameras to win back his honer over the loss of Prince Vakar by destroying the Power Rangers. December 2nd 2023
38 The Wrath Emperor Mavro attacks the Earth and The Power Rangers with his entire spacefleet, and after a very long battle, he defeats the Rangers. December 9th 2023
39 The Legendary Battle Pt. 1 The Rangers return and destroys all of Macro's remaining warrior's and ship's, but as soon as the evil Emperor gathers 1,000,000 X-Borgs and Bruisers in the Rock Quarry, all of the Power Rangers from the past arrive to fight along side them. After a quick talk with some of the Legendary Rangers, all 20(+) teams charged to the enemy…starting the Mega War. December 16th 2023
40 The Legendary Battle Pt. 2 The Mega War lasted twenty minutes and the Rangers would destroy all of the evil minions and the Captain Force Rangers destroyed Emperor Mavro. After another talk with the Legendary Rangers they all teleport away before the Power Rangers Captain Force all left for home. December 23rd 2023

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