The Story : The Blitz Rangers originated on the planet Onix during Lord Zedd's invasion of their world. The Blue Blitz Ranger was the one who created all of the Morphers, weapons and Zord's; also, they were the first team to not have any mentor or allies.

Blitz Rangers
Red Ranger Tony Crimson
Blue Ranger William Steed
White Ranger Ariel Mercer
Black Ranger David Sparta
Pink Ranger Amanda Nestman
Blitz Megazord
Red Dragon Blitzzord
Blue Pegasus Blitzzord
White Mermaid Blitzzord
Black Griffin Blitzzord
Pink Phoenix Blitzzord

NOTE : Loosing to this team of Power Rangers over and over again for a year was the reason why Lord Zedd left and never came back to planet Onix, not a single victory over them all year.

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