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What do you expect? Nobody puts up any Power Ranger photos other than the same 10 crappie ones We always have to choose from.

Saban's New Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is the updated version of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season two, useing the same cheesy and nice added images, special effects and comicbook word introductions that Disney used for season one back in 2010 . However, now the main five Rangers are seen morphing into Mighty Squadron Mode ( See Super Megaforce episode Ten : The Perfect Storm ) just seconds before their Dinozords become their Thunderzords, and you even get to see them in their new Zord and Megazord cockpits. Saban would have the first 21 episodes of season two updated this way for New Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and then another 19 from the same season two create Saban's Super Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which introduces Rocky, Adam and Iessha as Jason, Trini and Zacks replacements. 
Episode List
New Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
1. The Mutiny Part One
2. The Mutiny Part Two
3. The Mutiny Part Three
4. The Wanna-Be Ranger
5. Putty On The Brain
6. Bloom Of Doom
7. The Green Dream
8. The Power Stealer
9. The Beetle Invasion
10. Welcome To Venus Island
11. The Song Of Guitardo
12. Green No More Part One
13. Green No More Part Two
14. Missing Green
15. Orchestral Maneuvers In The Park
16. Beauty And The Beast
17. White Light Part One
18. White Light Part Two
19. Two For One
20. Opposites Attract
21. Zedds Monster Mash ( Halloween special )
Episode List
Saban's Super Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
1. The Ninja Encounter Part One
2. The Ninja Encounter Part Two
3. The Ninja Encounter Part Three
4. A Monster Of Global Proportions
5. Zedd Waves
6. The Power Transfer Part One
7. The Power Transfer Part Two
8. Goldar`s Vice-Versa
9. Mirror Of Regret
10. When Is A Ranger Not A Ranger?
11. Rocky Just Wants To Have Fun
12. Lights,Camera,Action
13. Where There's Smoke, There's Fire
14. Scavenger Hunt
15. The Great Bookala Escape
16. Forever Friend's
17. A Real Fish Story
18. Rangers Back In Time Part One
19.Rangers Back In Time Part Two
20. The Bulk And Skull Special : The Good, The Bad And The Stupid
21&22/extra : Zedds Monster Heads ( Halloween special ) and Alpha`s Magical Christmas ( Episodes 20,21&22 are really just VHS specials )

Note : This leaves the last 12 episodes of season two unupdated, and so far, Saban has no future plans to update them as well anytime soon.

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