The Story : When the Autobots discover the remains of The Power Rangers Turbo and Rescuezords, Proceptor and Wheeljack decided to rebuild and upgrade them with Autobot Technology. Optimus Prime would then take the new Autobots to Vector Sigma, which gave them all life and a Spark. Optimus Prime also gave them Minicon partners called Microbots, who all five became the Legendary Power Rangers Turbo Ranger Keys. 

Rescuebotzords and Ranger Key Minicon Partners!
Rescuebotzords Alt Mode Ranger Key Partner
LFT ( Lightning Fire Tamer ) Fire Truck Red Turbo Ranger
Siren Blaster Patrol Car Blue Turbo Ranger
Thunderloader Dump Truck Green Turbo Ranger
Star Racer ( Female ) Bulldozer Yellow Turbo Ranger
Wendy ( Female ) Ambulance Pink Turbo Ranger
Rescuetron : Rescue Megazord All Five Zords All Five Turbo Rangers
Extra Rescurbotzord!
Name Alt Mode Ranger Key Partner
Robo Racer Futuristic Patrol Car Blue Senturion

NOTE : The Phantom Ranger Key Minicon is the only one not partnered up with an Autobot, until he joined forces with Omega Supreme.

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