With the Power Rangers now and permanently apart of D.C.COMICS, the Super Megaforce Rangers and two of the Dino Charge Rangers must join forces with the Justice League of America in order to defeat the Royal Flush Gang Rangers and past Ranger villains or the world is doomed. The Game is also only available on the PlayStation Four and Nintendo Wii U. 

Playable D.C.Comic Hero's.
Name Alternate Costume Alternate Costume Alternate Costume Alternate Costume
Superman New 52 Earth 3 Beyond Super Ranger
Batman New 52 Earth 3 Beyond Bat Ranger
Wonder Woman New 52 Earth 3 Pink Lantern White Turbo Ranger
The Flash New 52 Earth 3 Reverse Flash Blue Lantern
Green Lantern New 52 Earth 3 John Stewart Elephant Ranger
Aquaman New 52 Earth 3 Indigo Lantern Shark Ranger
Cyborg New 52 Earth 3 Teen Titans Ninjakon
Martian ManHunter New 52 Earth 3 Martian Form Zordon of Eltar
Nightwing New 52 Earth 3 Robin Teen Titans
Blue Beetle Blue Beetleborg Gold Beetleborg Blue V R Trooper Grid Buster Gold
Green Beetle Green Beetleborg Silver Beetleborg Black V R Trooper Grid Buster Silver& BJ Stag
Red Beetle Red Beetleborg Purple Beetleborg Red V R Trooper V R Trooper Red Python
Playable D.C.Comic Villains.
Name Alternate Costume Alternate Costume Alternate Costume Alternate Costume
King Card Force Green Beyond Justice League Doom New 52
Queen Card Force Pink Beyond Justice League Doom New 52
Jack Card Force Blue Beyond Justice League Doom New 52
Ace Card Force Red Beyond Justice League Doom New 52
10 Card Force White Beyond Justice League Doom New 52
Black Beetle Shadow Borg Earth 3 (White Beetle) Scarlett Beetle White Beetleborg
Playable Power Rangers.
Troy Noah Gia Jake Emma Orion ? Matt
Captain Force Red ( Main ) Captain Force Blue ( Main ) Captain Force Yellow ( Main ) Captain Force Green ( Main ) Captain Force Pink ( Main ) Captain Force Silver ( Main ) Dino Charge Aqua ( Main ) Dino Charge Grabite ( Main )
M.M.P.R.Red M.M.P.R.Blue M.M.P.R.Yellow M.M.P.R.Black M.M.P.R.Pink M.M.P.R.Green N/A N/A
Squadron Red Squadron Blue Squadron Yellow Squadron Green Squadron Pink Squadron White N/A N/A
Alien Red Alien Blue Alien Yellow Alien Black Alien White Ninjor N/A N/A
Zeo Red Zeo Blue Zeo Yellow Zeo Green Zeo Pink Zeo Gold N/A N/A
Turbo Red Turbo Blue Turbo Yellow Turbo Green Turbo Pink Phantom N/A N/A
In Space Red In Space Blue In Space Yellow In Space Black In Space Pink In Space Silver N/A N/A
Lost Galaxy Red Lost Galaxy Blue Lost Galaxy Yellow Lost Galaxy Green Lost Galaxy Pink Magna Defender N/A N/A
Lightspeed Rescue Red Lightspeed Rescue Blue Lightspeed Rescue Yellow Lightspeed Rescue Green Lightspeed Rescue Pink Lightspeed Rescue Titanium N/A N/A
Time Force Red Time Force Blue Time Force Yellow Time Force Green Time Force Pink Time Force Quantum N/A N/A
Wild Force Red Wild Force Blue Wild Force Yellow Wild Force Black Wild Force White Wild Force Lunar Wolf N/A N/A
Ninja Storm Red Ninja Storm Blue Ninja Storm Yellow Ninja Storm Crimson Ninja Storm Navy Ninja Storm Green N/A N/A
Dino Thunder Red Dino Thunder Blue Dino Thunder Yellow Dino Thunder Black Dino Thunder Triassic Dino Thunder White N/A N/A
SPD Red SPD Blue SPD Yellow SPD Green SPD Pink SPD Omega SPD Kat SPD Shadow
Mystic Force Red Mystic Force Blue Mystic Force Yellow Mystic Force Green Mystic Force Pink Solaris Knight Mystic Force White Wolf Warrior
Operation Overdrive Red Operation Overdrive Blue Operation Overdrive Yellow Operation Overdrive Black Operation Overdrive Pink Operation Overdrive Mercury N/A Sentinel Knight
Jungle Fury Red Jungle Fury Blue Jungle Fury Yellow Jungle Fury Wolf Jungle Fury White Rhino N/A Chameleon Warrior Lion Warrior
R.P.M.Red R.P.M.Blue R.P.M.Yellow R.P.M.Green R.P.M.Black R.P.M.Gold and Silver N/A N/A
Samurai Red Samurai Blue Samurai Yellow Samurai Green Samurai Pink Samurai Gold Girl Samurai Red N/A
Megaforce Red Megaforce Blue Megaforce Yellow Megaforce Black Megaforce Pink Robo Knight N/A N/A
Dino Charge Red Dino Charge Blue Dino Charge Black Dino Charge Green Dino Charge Pink Dino Charge Gold Dino Charge Purple Dino Charge Silver
Ninja Charge Red Ninja Charge Blue Ninja Charge Yellow Ninja Charge White Ninja Charge Pink Ninja Charge Gold N/A N/A
Lightning Storm Red Lightning Storm Blue Lightning Storm Yellow Lightning Storm Black Lightning Storm Pink Lightning Storm Green N/A N/A
Grid Busters Red Grid Busters Blue Grid Busters Yellow Grid Busters Gold Grid Busters Silver BJ Stag Cheetah Nick Gorilla Bandana
Kamen Rider 000 Red Kamen Rider 000 Blue Kamen Rider 000 Yellow Kamen Rider 000 Green Kamen Rider 000 Purple Kamen Rider 000 Silver Translucent Kamen Rider 000 (MainForm) Kamen Rider000 (Main Form)
Playable Power Ranger Villains.
Name Alternate Costume Alternate Costume Alternate Costume Alternate Costume
Goldar Classic 1995 Movie King Spinkx Neo Goldar
Zeltrax Crimson Zeltrax Golden Rod Battle Damage Neo Zeltrax
Vrak Insectoid Armor Mutant Armor Nilock Armor Cyborg, Neo Vrak and Red Pirate
Trukeena Green Form Trukeena's Revenge Super Legends Horribel
Nukus Mega Nukus Classic Black& White Comic Red Lantern Nukus
Lord Zedd (Boss) Classic 1995 Movie Zedd Ranger Thrax
Stage Area's.
Gosei`s Command Center Megaforce
Angel Grove Megaforce
Underwater Bace Vrak
Moon Palace Goldar and Lord Zedd
Island Fortress Zeltrax
Casino Royal Flush Gang
Metropolis Superman
Charrtervill Cemetery Nukus
Gotham City Nightwing
The Skyship Megaforce
Bat Cave Batman
Hillherse Mansion Nukus
Thermuscarah Wonder Woman
Atlantis Aquaman
Watch Tower Cyborg
Farris Air Force Green Lantern
Hall of Justice Blue,Green and Red Beetle
Hall of Legends Dino Charge Aqua and Grabite
Rikers Island Black Beetle
Terravenger Trukeena

NOTE : With the Command Center, Skyship and Angle Grove, The Super Megaforce Rangers have the most Stage Area's (3) while Nukus is the only one with two ( Hillherse Mansion and Chartervill Cemetery ).

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