The Story : There are two Rangerverse's that are the dominant ones in their entire Multiverse, The Sabanverse, and The Jetixverse. One day, both realities crossed paths in the vacuum of space; and as their individual Morphing Grids became connected, the connection began to put the two universes in great parrel. In order to save their home realities, the ghost of Zordon took on the form of a Legendary Super Ranger named AkaRed, as he and the Super Omega Ranger started recruiting Power Ranger teams from their universes in order to win a war that could decide the fate of their existence… a Mega War. The universe with the most winning teams will continue to live on, while the reality with the fewest victories will no longer exist along with all life within it. So, as Jason David Frank/ Tommy Oliver once put it, "You wanted a Mega War, And I'm gonna give you a Mega War!". 

Playable Team's and Megazords!
Saban Team's # of Rangers Ranger Colours Megazords Disney Team's # of Rangers Ranger Colours Megazords

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers : Season Three and Movie version

Six Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Pink and White Dino Megazord, Tigerzord, Dino Mega Tigerzord, Ninja Megazord, Ninja Mega Falconzord, Ninja Ultrazord and Dino Mega Falconzord Power Rangers Ninja Storm Six Red, Blue, Yellow, Crimson, Navy and Green Storm Megazord, Thunder Megazord, Thunder Storm Megazord, Samurai Star Megazord, Storm Ultrazord, Hurricane Megazord and Hurricane Ultrazord
Power Rangers Dino Charge Six Red, Blue, Pink, Black, Green and Gold Dino Charge Megazord Tri Stego Formation & Para Raptor Formation, Petadon Megazord in Main, Tri Sego and Para Raptor Formation Power Rangers Dino Thunder Six Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White and Triassic Thundersaurus Megazord, Dino Stegazord, Dino Rage Megazord, Mezodon Megazord and Trissara Max Megazord
Power Rangers Time Force Six Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink and Quantum Time Force Megazord Mode Red and Mode Blue, Transwarp Megazord & Q-Rex Megazord Power Rangers SPD Six Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink and Omega Delta Squad Megazord, Omega Max Megazord, Delta Max Megazord and S.W.A.T. Megazord
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Six Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink and Magna Defender Galixy Megazord, Defender Torozord, Struttleforce Megazord and Sentarus Megazord Power Rangers Mystic Force Six Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink and Solaris Knight Titan Megazord, Manticor Megazord, Phoenix Unizord and Solar Streak Megazord
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Six Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink and Titanium Lightspeed Megazord, Max Solarzord, Lightspeed Max Megazord and Super Train Megazord Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Six Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Pink and Mercury Drivemax Megazord, Duel Drive Megazord, Drivemax Ultrazord and Flashpoint Megazord
Power Rangers Samurai Seven Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Gold and Female Red Samurai Megazord, Claw Battlezord, Claw Armor Megazord, Bull Megazord and Samurai Shark Megazord Power Rangers Jungle Fury Seven Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, White, Lion and Chameleon Warriors Jungle Pride Megazord, Jungle Master Megazord, Wolf Pride Megazord, Rhino Pride Megazord and Jungle Fury Megazord
Power Rangers Megaforce Seven Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Pink, Robo Knight and Super Megaforce Silver Gosei Great Megazord, Sky Megazord, Sea Megazord, Land Megazord, Ultra Gosei Great Megazord, Gosei Grand Megazord,  Ultimate Megazord and Q-Rex Megazord 2.0 Power Rangers RPM Seven Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, Gold and Silver High Octane Megazord, Valvemax Megazord, Zenith Megazord, Mach Megazord, Sky Rev Megazord, Paleo Max Megazord, RPM Ultrazord and Road Attackzord
Notes :
Dino Mega Tigerzord & Dino Mega Falconzord are game exclusive formations.
Tommies Abaranger counterpart, Asuka, replaces him as the Dino Thunder Black Ranger.
The M.M.P.R.s suits from the show all have the Ninja Coins as cheast insignias.
Connar's twin brother Rex becomes the new Dino Thunder Triassic Ranger.
None of the Battlizers are in the game.
Zordon and Super Omega are not playable characters.
The Shadow and Kat Rangers are the only SPD Rangers not in the game.
Wolf Warrior & Mystic White are the only Mystic Force Rangers not in the game.
The Elephant, Bat and Shark Rangers are the only Jungle Fury Rangers not in the game.
Each team has an alternate ending; and the story mode, playability and mini game's are baced on & are very similar to Injustice God's Among Us Part One.
The Aqua, Graphite, Purple, Silver and Talon Rangers are the only Dino Charge Rangers not in the game.
Each team has one Health Bar Meter per teammate, giving them 6 to 7 at a time.
Stage Area's!
Name Owner
Power Chamber Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Aqua Bace Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Time Force P.D. Power Rangers Time Force
Wind Ninja Academy Power Rangers Ninja Storm
Hayley's Cyber Cafe Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Delta Command Simulation Deck Power Rangers SPD
Root Core Power Rangers Mystic Force
Hartford Mansion Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Pi Shwa Temple Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Correnth City Power Rangers RPM
Shiba House Power Rangers Samurai
Super Mega Skyship Power Rangers Megaforce
Dinosaur Museum Power Rangers Dino Charge
Terravenger Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Hall of Legends AkaRed and Super Omega Ranger
More Notes
Not including AkaRed and Super Omega, there are 100 Power Rangers in the game.
Out of all 100 Power Rangers, there are 80 Megazords to play as, including Ultrazords, Zedd Megazord and the Sepentara Megazord. However, the Zedd Megazord and Serpentara Megazord are only playable in a few mini game's, not in the story mode unfortunately.
The Mini games are no different than the Star Labs Missions for Injustice God's Among Us Part One; also, instead of blood, all of the characters spark when hit. The hit sparks are just like the way they happen on the show Power Rangers.
DLC Ranger Teams!
Bonus Saban Team # of Rangers Ranger Colours Megazords Bonus Disney Team # of Rangers Ranger Colours Megazords
Power Rangers In Space Six Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Pink and Silver Astro Megazord and Mega Winger 2nd A-Squad Six Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink and Shadow A-Squad Megazord and Delta Command Megazord
Final Boss's in the game!
Lord Zedd : The Emperor of Darkness The 1st of the 3 evil boss's
Zedd Megazord : Piloted by Zedd The 2nd evil boss in the game
Serpenterra Megazord : Piloted by Zedd The final evil boss of the game

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