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The Story : Inspired by the original/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Power Rangers of Ninja Storm, a scientist and his assistant/wife created a Dinosaur themed team of Rangers with a Ninja theme mixed in before they recruited five misfit students from an elite Ninja Academy. Eventually they also get their own sixth Ranger who originally graduated two years earlier because of how fast he learned and of how good of a fighter he is. Their Auxiliary Zords are different breeds of Dinosaurs that look almost completely identical to their primary Dinoninjazords, only these Auxiliary Zords are called Dinothunderzords. Together, they just might save the world from The evil Emperor Inotis ( pronounced En Oh tis ), King of the Oni who seek revenge on the Ninja School that defeated them back in Futal Japan. 
The Dinoninja Rangers!
Name&Ranger Colour Dinoninjazord
Jackson St. John : Red Ranger Tyrano Rex Dinoninjazord
Barry Yost : Blue Ranger Trisaratops Dinoninjazord
Reeni Lee : Yellow Ranger Raptor Dinoninjazord
Mac Jones : Black Ranger Stegosarus Dinoninjazord
Kimmi Johnson : Pink Ranger Terradaktyle Dinoninjazord
6th Ranger!
Tony Frank : Green Ranger Spinosaurus Dinoninjazord ( Spinozord )
Megazord Formations!
Name Zords
Dinoninja Megazord Tank and Warrior Mode(s) Tyrannosaurus, Trisaratops, Reptor, Stegosaurus and Terradaktyle
Spinozord in Battle Mode Spinozord, Trisaratops, Reptor, Stegosaurus and Terradaktyle
Mega Spinozord Spinozord and Dinoninja Megazord
Dinoninja Ultrazord Mega Spinozord and White Brocio Dinoninjazord
Dinothunderzords and Megazord Formations!
Crimson Allosaurus Dinothunderzord Dinothunder Megazord Tank Mode ( 5 Zords )
Navy Styracosaurus Dinothunderzord Dinothunder Megazord Warrior Mode ( 5 Zords )
Gold Deinonychus Dinothunderzord Shogonsarus Megazord ( 5 Zords but not including the Allosarus Dinothunderzord )
Indigo Kentrosaurus Dinothunderzord Shogon Rex Megazord ( 6 Zords )

Magenta Tupandactylus Dinothunderzord

Dinothunder Ultrazord( All 7 Dinothunderzords )
Emerald Fukuiraptor Dinothunderzord Silver Brontosarus Dinothunderzord
Battlizer Dinozords
Name Battlized Ranger
Red T-Rex Red Ninja Rex Ranger
Green Spino Green Ninja Spino Ranger
Pink Terra Pink Ninja Terra Ranger
Red T-Rex+Pink Terra Red Ninja Skyrex Ranger
Green Spino+Pink Terra Green Dragonwing Ranger

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