Power Rangers Card Force!
Ranger Zord
Albert Archer : Red Ace of Spades Card Force Ranger

Red Knight Cardzord

Jack Diamonds : Blue Jack of Diamonds Card Force Ranger Blue Guard Cardzord
Seamus Shamrock : Green King of Clubs Card Force Ranger Green King Cardzord
Angela Hartford : Pink Queen of Hearts Card Force Ranger Park Queen Cardzord
Joe Carmichael : Yellow Joker of Fame Card Force Ranger Yellow Joker Cardzord
Ranger Cards!
Type of Card Card name and or number
Morph Card's Ace of Spades, Jack of Diamonds, King of Clubs, Queen of Hearts and Joker
Sommon Weapons The Number 2 Card
Sommon Zords The Number 3 Card
Sommon Megazord and or Ultrazord The Number 4 Card
Sommon Card Cycles The Number 5 Card
Teleport Card The Number 6 Card
Super Speed Card The Number 7 Card
Sommon Card Force Cannon The Number 8 Card
Heal Card The Number 9 Card
Battlizer Mode ( Red ) The Number 10 Card
Invisible Card Blank Card
Faze Through Card Clear Card
That's it That's it

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