This game is a complete Power Rangers themed remake of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles videogame Turtles In Time,  and with all six of the Captain Force Rangers ( Super Megaforce Rangers ) facing off against Lord Zedd and his new and old allies from across time and space. 

Power Rangers Captain Force!
Troy : Captain Force Red
Noah : Captain Force Blue
Gia : Captain Force Yellow
Jake : Captain Force Green
Emma : Captain Force Pink
Orion : Captain Force Silver
Stages, Boss's and Minions!
Stage Boss Minion(s)
Command Center Rooftop Goldar Putty Patrol
Downtown Vrak Loogies
Planet Aquatar Hydrohog Tanga Warriors
Mezagog's Island Fourtress Zeltrax Tyranno Drones and Triptoids
Super Mega Skyship Levira and Demeras X-Borgs
Lightspeed Supertrain Queen Banshera Batlings
Newtech City Emperor Grumm Crybots, Blue Crubots and Orange Crybots
Terra Venger Trukeena Stingwingers
Moon Palace Rita Repalsa Putty Patrol
Moon Palace : Throne Room Lord Zedd Z-Putties
Playable Megazords!
Legendary Megazord
Legendary Mighty Morphin Megazord ( Dragonzord replaces the Skyship )
Legendary Alien Megazord ( White Falcon Ninjazord for wing's )
Legendary Zeo Megazord ( with Red Racer Zeozord )
Legendary In Space Megazord ( with Silver Spacezord )
Q-Rex Megazord Mark 2 ( Silver Ranger )
Legendary Wild Force Megazord and Legendary Samurai Megazord ( with Red Lion Wildzord )
Legendary Ninja Storm Megazord ( with Green Ninjazord )
Legendary Dino Thunder Megazord ( Skyship plus arm's & legs of Q-Rex )
Legendary SPD Megazord ( with Red Delta Runner 1 )
Legendary Mystic Force Megazord ( with Red Dragon Mysticzord )
Legendary Operation Overdrive Megazord ( Q-Rex plus arm's and legd of Legendary Megazord )
Turbo Falcon Megazord ( Turbo Falcon Attackzord )
Ultimate Legendary Megazord ( Skyship + Q-Rex arm's + Turbo Falcon Attackzord )
Legendary RPM Megazord ( with Turbo Falcon Attackzord )
Q-Rex Wild Force Megazord ( Q-Rex plus Red Lion Wildzord )
Q-Rex Samurai Megazord ( see above )
Legendary Samurai Megazord ( see above )
Space Q-Rex Megazord ( with Silver Spacezord's wing's )
Legendary Squadron Megazord ( Tigerzord  ( M.M.P.R. ) replaces Skyship )
Legendary Turbo Megazord ( with Blue Siren Blaster Rescuezord )

NOTE : This game was only available for the PlayStation Five and Nintendo 3DSXXL3.

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