The Story : A living computer virus named Venjix has taken over the world, reduced most of Earth into one huge desert and exterminated most of this universe's Power Rangers. The domed city of Corrinth houses the last survivors of humanity, including twenty-five Power Rangers as mankind's one last hope of defeating Venjix once and for all. 

Remaining Power Rangers and Megazords!
Ninja Storm Red, Yellow and Blue Storm Megazord
Dino Thunder Red Ranger Thundersaurus Megazord with Zephlazord right arm
SPD Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Pink Delta Squad Megazord
Mystic Force Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Pink Titan Megazord
Operation Overdrive Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and Pink Drivemax Megazord
Jungle Fury Red, Yellow and Blue Jungle Pride Megazord
R.P.M. Red, Yellow and Blue High Octain Megazord 

Note : By the end of the first Venjix War, exactly thirty Power Rangers were not only killed in battle, but their powers and zords were permanently destroyed as well. Also, this game is only for the PlayStation Four and Nintendo 3DS.

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