Power Rangers Angry Birds is an App game baced entirely on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but with the Ranger Forms, weapons, Zords, Megazords,Ultrazord, Vehicles and so on from Chojin Sentai Jetman. While the Angry Birds themselves become the Sky Force Rangers, the Bad Piggies become the main villens from M.M.P.R.season's one, two and three. 

The Angry Birds as The Sky Force Rangers!
Angry Birds Ranger Form Skyzord
Red Red Sky Force Ranger Red Hawk Skyzord
Chuck Yellow Sky Force Ranger Yellow Owl Skyzord
Willow Blue Sky Force Ranger Blue Swallow Skyzord
Bomb Black Sky Force Ranger Black Condor Skyzord
Stella White Sky Force Ranger White Swan Skyzord
The Blues Navy Garuda Sky Force Ranger Garuda Mega Jet/ Mega Bird
Zord Formations!
Name Formed from
Sky Force Mega Jet All Five Skyzords
Super Sky Force Mega Jet Sky Force Mega Jet and Garuda Mega Jet
Super Sky Force Megazord Sky Force Megazord and Garuda Megazord
Tetra Megazord The Tetra Mega Cannon
Sky Force Megazord All Five Skyzords
Sky Force Ultrazord Super Sky Force Megazord, Tetra Megazord and The Titanus Carry-O-Dinozord from M.M.P.R. Season One of three.
Name Role
Matilda The Zordon like Mentor
Professor Pig The Alpha Five like scientist that created everything
Terrance The head of the Sky Force Megazord
Mighty Eagle The head of the Garuda Megazord
Bubbles The head of the Tetra Megazord
Name as
King Pig Lord Zedd
Gale ( Bad Angry Bird ) Rita Repalsa
Mustache Pig Goldar
Corporal Pig Reto Revolto
Chief Pig Finster
Minion Pig(s) Pudgy Pig and Putty Patrol
Secret and Guest Characters!
Name Name
M.M.P.R. Red with Hal as The Red Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and The Mighty Dragon The as Red Dragon Thunderzord Postman Pig as Green Sky Force Ranger with Green Eagle Skyzord
Cyclopsis Warzord Minion Pigs as Z-Putties
Story Mode Missions/Episode's!
Mission/Episode Story
And so it begins Tutorial
Driving Lessons Learn how to master the Zords and defeat the monster
The Eggs Rescue 50 Eggs from Finster
Let's Race Complete The Motorcycle minigame and reach Finster
Putties on the Brain Defeat 1,000 Puttys and save Nest City
Water Hazard Stop Goldar from poisoning the cities water supply
The Cemetery Fight your way through The Nest City Cemetery to face Reto Revolto before he creates an army of the dead.
They have the Blues Rescue The Blues from Reto and Goldar
A New Ranger in Town Play as the Blues/Garuda Ranger and rescue the other Rangers from Reto, Goldar and Finster before it's too late.
Combined Force's Lord Zedd returns and sends both Reta's Putty Patrol and his Z-Putties to attack Nest City, you also need to defeat him with the combined form of the Sky Force Megazord and Garuda Megazord called The Super Sky Force Megazord; but first, form the Super Sky Force Mega Jet.
The Sky Force Cannon Blaster Collect and 7 pieces of the Blaster to defeat Pudgy Pig
What's in Your Mind Save the Citizens of Nest City from Lord Zedd and his mind control device.
Tanga Warriors Defeat 1,000 dark clones of Red to save the City
Postman Pig's Special Delivery Professor Pig's nephew Posty the Postman Pig comes to visit, but gets kidnapped by Reto, Goldar and Finster.
The Gift Postman Pig finally delivers the missing piece to his uncle's new invention, the Green Ranger Morpher, and gives it to Posty which makes him the only Piggy as a Power Ranger.
Let's Play Tetra

Retrieve all the stolen parts for the Tetra Megazord from Goldar, Reto Revolto, Finster, Reta Repalsa & Lord Zedd.

Zedd Versus The Blues As The Garuda Ranger, fight through the Putties so that you can face off against Lord Zedd himself.
The Egg Monster Defeat Lord Zedd's latest creations, The Egg Putties and The Egg Monster in order to change them back to normal.
Battlizer Collect the pieces of Red's Battle Morpher so that he can finally morph into his Battlizer Mode and defeat CyBoar.
When Pig's Fly Face off against Goldar and his Tanga Warriors in the air with your new Winged Super Sky Force Mode.
Shadow Rangers Defeat all 7 Ranger Clones to save the City
Hogzilla Defeate Reta's latest monster with all the Megazords
Ivan Ooze Finster creates an evil mutant clone of Professor Pig named Ivan Ooze, defeat him to save the five stolen eggs.
Mordant Chief Pig/Finster's little brother Mordant comes to visit
Cyclopsis Finster turns a Matey Pig into Goldar's personal Warzord Cyclopsis, destroy it before he destroys Nest City first.
Silver Lining Save Silver from Reta Repalsa and the Putty Patrol
The Dragon Scale Zedd and Reta's Warriors are after the Mighty Dragon's Dragon Scales. What does Finster wish to do with them?
The Mighty Dragon Clone

Finster successfully created a ignoramus dark Zord like Super Clone of Mighty Dragon as Lord Zedd's personal Warzord Serpentarra, which is powerful enough to destroy a planet. Stop it before it's too late to save the world.

The Final Battle Parts 1 and 2 Defeat all of your enemies once and for all

NOTE : This APP game is very similar to the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Mighty Morphin Power Rangers videogames in both playability for Ranger and Megazord fights and the soundtrack.

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