With all of the Saban seasons of Power Rangers being apart of the D.C.Comics Multiverse, Orion : Captain Force Silver has been given 7 New 6th Ranger Keys to replace the one's that belong to the Disney Era/Seasons of Power Rangers; besides, the Disney Era is officially apart of The Marvel Comics Multiverse/New Marvel Universe. Below is a list of all the 6th Ranger Keys that form Orion's New Anchor Key that activities his Gold Mode. 

Sixth Ranger Keys that form Orion's New Gold Anchor Key!
Ranger Colour Rangers
Red Time Force Quantum

Mighty Morphin and Lightning Mode Green

White Mighty Morphin, Super Ranger(J.A.K.Q.)  & White Blaster Beetleborg
Gold Zeo, Samurai, Dino Charge and Ninja Charge
Silver In Space, Lightspeed Rescue Titanium, Wild Force Lunar Wolf, Megaforce Robo Knight and Dino Charge Silver ( Titano )

NOTE : Orion's Gold Mode is also his Battlizer Mode, unlike on the series Super Megaforce where it was just another Enhancement Mode.

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