The Story : Long before Zordon battled Rita and trapped her and her warriors in a Prison Jar while she trapped him in a Time Warp in return, there were six other but long forgotten Power Ranger teams who all fought and defeated every last one of their enemies. Though it is still unclear as to who they are, what planet they came from and what happened to them after their long awaited final victory, Zordon and Alpha Five were able to revive and upgrade the Mighty Squadron Power Rangers Sixth/White Ranger power's before finally giving them to Tommy Oliver. 

Pre Zordon Era Power Rangers!
Name Rangers
Mighty Squadron Power Rangers Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink and White
Power Rangers Lightning Storm Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Pink and Green
Power Rangers Prizum Flash Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink
Power Rangers Blitz Force Red, Blue, White, Green and Pink
Power Rangers Supersonic Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and Pink
Power Rangers Battalion Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and Pink

NOTE : Plan's for fan film's, each based on one of these Legendary Lost Power's, are in the purposes of getting made.

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