For the first time ever, The Power Rangers get their very own Mega Blox ( Legos ) videogame, featuring the first ten seasons with ten episodes/Stages/Levels each as they fight together against all of their main/sworn enemies who have all joined forces  as well to concur the planet Earth. Go Go Power Rangers. 

Playable Rangers, Zords, Megazords and Ultrazords!
Team  : 6 Members Each Zords Megazords
Mighty Morphin Dragonzord, Mastadon, Terradaktyle, Trisaratops, Sabertooth Tiger, Tyrannosaurus Dino Megazord Tank and Battle Mode, Dragonzord in Tank and Battle Mode & Dino Mega Dragonzord
Mighty Squadron Tigerzord, Lion, Firebird, Unicorn, Griffin, Red Dragon Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode, White Tigerzord Warrior Mode, Thunderzords Charriet Mode, Mega Thunderzord and Mega Tigerzord
Alien Rangers All Five Ninjazords and White Origami ShogonZord Shogon Megazord & Ninjor Warrior Mode
Zeo Phoenix, Bull, Spinkx, Tank 1, Tank 2 & Gold Battlezord Zeo Megazord & Zeo Mega Battlezord
Turbo All five Rescuezords and Robo Racer Rescue Megazord and Robo Racer Warrior Mode
In Space Astro Shuttle, Astro Megaship and Mega Winger Astro Megazord and Mega Winger Warrior Mode
Lost Galaxy Lion, Gorilla, Wolf, Condor, Wildcat, Mega Defender and Torozord Galixy Megazord and Defender Torozord
Lightspeed Rescue All five Lightspeedzords and Max Solarzord Lightspeed Megazord, Max Solarzord Warrior Mode and Lightspeed Solar Megazord
Time Force All five Time Flyerzords and Q-Rex Dinozord Time Force Megazord Mode Blue, Time Force Megazord Mode Red and Q-Rex Megazord
Wild Force Lion, Shark, Eagle, Bison, Tiger, Wolf, Hammerhead and Alligator Wild Force Megazord, Predazord, Wild Force Megazord Predator Mode and Predazord Wild Force Mode
Main Minions
Rita, Goldar, Scorpina, Finster, Squat and Baboo Putty Patrol
Lord Zedd, Rita, Goldar, Finster, Squat and Baboo Z-Putties
Lord Zedd, Rita Rito,Goldar, Mordant, Finster and Master Vile Tanga Warriors
King Mondo, Queen Machina, Prince Sprocket, Clank, Prince Gasskit and Princess Archarena Cogs
Devadox, Elgar, Porto, ???????, General Havoc & Mama D Paranatrons
Astronama, Ecliptor, Elgar, Darkanda, Darkliptor and Dark Spector Quantrons
Trukeena, Scorpius, Deviot, Captain Mutany, Deviot 2 and Trukeena Green Form Stingwingers and Swabbies
Queen Banshera, Olympius, Vipra, Grndrax, Gorganon and Diabolico Batlings
Ransik, Nadera, Drax, Mutant Org 1, Mutant Org 2 and Mutant Org 3 Robots
Master Org, Toxica, Jendrax, Zenaku, Quadra Org and Master Org 2 Putrids
Name Ally of
Miss Applebee Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Turbo
Principal Chaplin Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Turbo
Lt. Stone Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Turbo
Ernie from Ernie's Juice Bar Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Zeo
Bulk Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to In Space
Skull Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to In Space
Professor Cornelius Power Rangers In Space
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Captain Mitchell Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Miss. Fanweather Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Power Rangers Time Force
Figet the Robot Owl Power Rangers Time Force
Alex Power Rangers Time Force
Princess Shayla Power Rangers Wild Force

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