Power Rangers Mega War by Marvel and D.C. Comics is a 20 part miniseries revealing exactly how all of the Power Rangers before Megaforce all got their powers back a why none of the Extra Rangers ever appeared in The Legendary Battle after the Mega War, it also reveals that all of the Power Rangers from the six New Power Set's were also in the Legendary Battle. 

Marvel&D.C.'s Power Rangers Mega War Issues 1-20!
Comicbook Name Story
Power's Reborn All of The Legendary Rangers get their power's permanently back after Vrak used his drills to tap into The Universal Morphing Grid in order to destroy the planet Earth, before his plans were foiled and he was destroyed by the Megaforce Rangers.
Back To Action When Emperor Mavro attacks Earth with his Space Fleet, all of the Legendary Rangers ban together to fight XBorgs, Bruisers and Red Royal Guards all over the world, saving countless lives.
Return of The Master Legend Tommy Oliver was chosen by the other Legendary Rangers to lead them against the Alien Armada, and he uses all of his Ranger power's to fight The Armada's army along side his Ranger Army.
The Six Ranger Team All of the Six Rangers unite against a massive army of Armada Field Commanders, but the Turbo Phantom Ranger is killed in Battle.
Cassie Cassie the Pink In Space Ranger mourns the loss of her husband and father of her son and daughter, The Phantom Ranger, and remembers all of the good times they had in flashbacks. Sky Tate The SPD Blue Ranger confers and tells her the story of how his father died in the Mega War when he was just a child, before he and his dog were rescued by Leo the Lost Galaxy Red Ranger, which surprised Leo when he overheard him in his little talk with Cassie Chan Phantos.
The Real Battlizers All of the Power Rangers with a Battlizer and Mega Battle face off against another army of Armada Field Commanders.
Captured The Power Rangers plan a rescue mission to save their leader Tommy Oliver from an Armada prison camp.
A Lightspeed Rescue Mission The Lightspeed Rangers break into a Armada prison camp and rescued not only all of the people trapped inside, but also their leader Tommy Oliver.
The Power of Water The Blue Rangers of the Alien Rangers, Lost Galaxy, Ninja Storm, Mystic Force and Samurai attack fish themed Armada Commanders invading The Lost City of Atlantis.
Extra Power Ninjor, Aric, Blue Senturion, SPD Shadow, Kat and Nova, Claire The Gate Keeper, Mystic Force White and Wolf Warrior, Sentinel Knight, Lion Warrior, Chameleon Warrior, Elephant Ranger, Bat Ranger, Shark Ranger and the Girl Red Samurai Ranger defeat more Armada Field Commanders, but are soon confronted by Emperor Mavro himself, and he kills all of them in half an hour.
Nick/Bowen Nick the Mystic Force Red Ranger is completely broken after Emperor Mavro killed his parents ( Wolf Warrior and Mystic Force White ) and his cousin Claire, but know that he must pull himself back together for his wife Madison the Mystic Force Blue Ranger, their son Bowen the 2nd and their now orphaned niece Blair. Claire's husband Bruno died trying to protect her from a fatal blow by Mavro intended for her, only for them both to be impaled by the emperor's War Spear at the same time.
Jayden Emperor Mavro killed the only family Jayden Shiba the Red Samurai Ranger had left, his big sister Lauren Shiba the Girl Red Samurai Ranger; but, the rest of his team help him through his pain and suffering, with a little help from Mentor Ji as well.
No More Deaths All of the Rangers band together like never before in the biggest battle yet against the remaining 1,000 Armada Field Commanders, including Redker's friend whose only appearance was in episode nineteen : The Strongest in the Universe.
Half Way There Now that half of the remaining Armada Field Commanders (500) are apparently loosing, they pull out the big guns/blasters.
100 Giants The remaining 100 Armada Field Commanders all grow into giant form, forcing the Legendary Power Rangers to sommon all of their Zords, Megazords and Ultrazords, destroying them.
Legacy The ghost of Zordon of Eltar informs the Legendary Rangers of the A-Squad Rangers return after we see exactly how all five of them broke out of SPD prison and traveled into the past where the other SPD Rangers are helping the other Power Rangers.
The Revenge Of A-Squad The A-Squad Rangers return to not only help Emperor Mavro, but to also get their revenge on the B-Squad SPD Rangers; however, A-Square gets destroyed by not just the B-Squad Rangers, but also by Power Rangers In Space and Time Force.
The Next Challenge As the Legendary Power Rangers get ready for the final battle with Emperor Mavro, they all become aware of the Super Megaforce Rangers return as that team destroys the last of Mavro's fleet. They then fight through more grunts in order to reach the Super Megaforce Rangers, so that they can assist them in the Legendary Battle with the other remaining grunts.
Entering The Legendary Battle After finally reaching the Super Megaforce Rangers, the Legendary Rangers see them reuniting with Super Megaforce Red and Silver after those two demorphed from Legendary In Space Mode, right before Power Rangers Super Megaforce takes on Emperor Mavro one last time and finally destroy him. But as soon as one million XBorgs started marching towards them, the Legendary Rangers all revealed themselves and joined Super Megaforce in the charge at the remaining grunts.
After The Legendary Battle After the Legendary Battle, the Legendary Rangers took the time to cremate their fallen Rangers, create a Power Rangers Memorial in their honer and took their helmets home with them.

NOTE : This comicbooks miniseries was created to not only answer a few unanswered questions, but to also reveal what all of the post Megaforce Rangers were all doing before, during and after The Legendary Battle.

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