Bandai Toys America Inc would eventually release the other core Legendary Ranger Keys, but only in Megazord Key Packs, which are Legendary Ranger Keys baced off of Megazords. The Megazord Ranger Key Packs would include either One Megazord Key and Two Ranger Keys, Two Megazord Keys and One Ranger Key or Three Megazord Keys and no Ranger Keys. 

Megazord Ranger Key Packs!
Name of Team and Pack Megazord Keys Ranger Keys
Mighty Morphin Pack E Dino Megazord & Dragonzord in Battle Mode Armored Mighty Morphin Black Ranger
Mighty Morphin Pack F Red Dragon Thunderzord & White Tiger Thunderzord Shieldless Mighty Morphin White Ranger
Mighty Morphin Alien Pack C Ninja Megazord & Shogon Megazord Ninjor in Shogon Mode
Zeo Pack C Zeo Megazord, Red Battle Zeozord and Super Zeo Megazord N/A
Turbo Pack C Turbo Megazord & Robo Racer Yellow Turbo Ranger
In Space Pack C Astro Megazord & Mega Winger In Space Pink Ranger
Lost Galaxy Pack C Galaxy Megazord & Mega Defender Lost Galaxy Pink Ranger
Lightspeed Rescue Pack C Lightspeed Megazord Lightspeed Rescue Yellow & Pink Rangers
Time Force Pack C Time Force Megazord & Q-Rex Megazord Yellow Time Force Ranger
Wild Force Pack C Wild Force Megazord & Predazord White Wild Force Ranger
Ninja Storm Pack C Storm Megazord, Thunder Megazord and Samurai Star Megazord N/A
Dino Thunder Pack C Thundersarus Megazord & Dino Stegazord Triassic Ranger
S.P.D. Pack C Delta Squad Megazord and Omega Max Megazord S.P.D. Yellow Ranger
Mystic Force Pack C Titan Megazord Mystic Force Blue & Pink Rangers
Operation Overdrive Pack C Drive Max Megazord & Flashpoint Megazord Operation Overdrive Pink Ranger
Jungle Fury Pack C Jungle Pride Megazord Black Lion Warrior and Green Chameleon Warrior
R.P.M. Pack C High Octane Megazord & Valvemax Megazord R.P.M. Black Ranger
Samurai Pack C Samurai Megazord & Claw Battlezord East Mode Yellow Samurai Ranger
Megaforce Pack C McDonalds Happy Meal Edition Gosei Great Megazord Megaforce Yellow & Pink Rangers
Super Megaforce Pack E Legendary Megazord & Q-Rex Megazord 2.0 Super Megaforce Gold Mode Anchor Key
Super Megaforce Pack F Phantom Megazord, Turbo Falcon Megazord & Ultimate Legendary Megazord N/A

NOTE : The only Legendary Ranger Keys that are still unreleased are the S.P.D. Kat Ranger, Operation Overdrive Sentinel Knight and the Girl Red Samurai Ranger Keys, whether or not they will become available still depends on the people incharge of the toyline. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Out of all 41 Megazord Keys, only 12 belong to the Six Rangers. Six Ranger Megazord Keys include Dragonzord in Battle Mode (M.M.P.R.Green),Tigerzord (M.M.P.R.White), Mega Winger ( In Space Silver ), Mega Defender ( Magna Defender ), Q-Rex Megazord ( Quantum Ranger ), Predazord ( Lunar Wolf Ranger ), Samurai Star Megazord ( Ninja Storm Green ), Dino Stegazord (Dino Thunder White ), Omega Max Megazord ( Omega Ranger ), Flashpoint Megazord ( Mercury Ranger ), Claw Battlezord ( Gold Samurai Ranger ) & Q-Rex Megazord 2.0 ( Super Megaforce Silver ).

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