After IDW Publishing bought all the rights to the Power Rangers comics from Haim Saban, they created multiple five part crossover mini series' where a certain team or team's of Power Rangers would join forces with the heroes from another series. 

Power Rangers Meet The Transformers : Generation One!
Power Rangers Turbo, Lightspeed Rescue and Operation Overdrive The Autobots
Part One : Heroes United The Rangers meet the for the first time.
Part Two : Rescuezords as Rescuebots After repairing their Zords, the Rescuezords become alive and self aware.
Part Three : Combiner Wars To save the their Autobot friend's, the Rangers take on the Constructicons, Combaticons and Stunticons.
Part Four : Optimus Prime Megazord The Overdrive Rangers combine their four latest Auxiliary Zords with Optimus.
Part Five : Tripticon Megatron uses Tripticon in hopes of destroying the Autobots and the Power Rangers once and for all, only to be defeated by the Supertrain Megazord.
Power Rangers Remeet the Ninja Turtles!
Power Rangers In Space Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Part One : Welcome To New York The Rangers come to help the Turtles defeat the Dragon Lord, but Shredder and his Foot Clan gets in everyone's way.
Part Two : It's Ninja Time The Rangers and Turtles fight both the Foot Clan and the Dragon Army, defeating both in about an hour or so.
Part Three : Shredders Revenge Shredder and The Dragon Lord use dark magic in order to summon/resurrect the Power Rangers greatest enemy of all, Lord Zedd, and both teams of heroes are now in big trouble.
Part Four : Lord Zedd Returns Leonardo is supposedly killed by Lord Zedd, and Venus Do'Milo takes his place as leader. The Rangers and Turtles formulate a plan to defeat Shredder, Dragon Lord and Lord Zedd.
Part Five : Heroes In A Halfshell Power Rangers In Space and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles finally defeated their enemies once and for all, and Leonardo is latter found very much alive but badly injured from fighting Zedd.
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy/ Star Trek : The Next Generation, Timeworp!
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy USS Enterprise .E
Part One : The Future Final Frontier The Terra Venger Space Colony gets sucked into a time worp created by Trukeena which accidentally pulls her ship in to, and right in front of the Starship Enterprise.E of the 24th Century.
Part Two : Welcome Aboard Captain Picard and his crew meet everyone in charge of Terra Venger and soon both the Power Rangers of the Lost Galaxy and Alpha Six, who becomes great friends with Lt.Comm. Data & Worf.
Part Three : The Borg Trukeena begs the Rangers and the Enterprise for help from the Borg before they assimilate her like they did to half her crew.
Part Four : Klingons After defeating the Borg, all three ships set course for the Klingon home world for repairs and supplies. But Trukeena has a plan to travel back to the past and leave the Rangers in the future.
Part Five : Stranded Even though the Rangers are now stuck in the 24th Century, The Enterprise finds a way to send them and Terra Venger back to the past while fighting the Nudoreons.
Power Rangers Mystic Force Meets Sabrina The Teenage Witch!
Power Rangers Mystic Force Sabrina Spellman
Part One : A New Witch In Town Sabrina comes to visit her cousin Claire who introduces her to the Mystic Force Rangers.
Part Two : Salem and Koragg The Knight Wolf Salem is running for his life from Koragg, and is soon Rescued by Sabrina and Mystic Force.
Part Three : Good Magic VS Dark Magic While the Rangers fight Koragg The Knight Wolf, Sabrina takes on Nekrolie.
Part Four : Salemzord Salem accidentally uses a spell from the Mystic Force Book of Magic that turns him into a zord.
Part Five : The Power of Snow and Light Udonna loans her Niese the Power Staff to rescue Salem from Koragg as the 2nd White Mystic Ranger.
Power Rangers Jungle Fury Meets The Real Ghost Busters!
Power Rangers Jungle Fury The Real Ghost Busters
Part One : The Spirit of New York The Rangers follow Daishi and his minions to New York City, who's planning on resurrecting Boxer/Stay Puffed.
Part Two : Who Ya Gonna Call? After releasing Casys Tiger Spiritzord from one of their traps and apologized for confusing it for an evil ghost, both the Jungle Fury Power Rangers and the Ghost Busters unite to stop Daishi.
Part Three : Return of The Terror Dog's Daishi resommons Zoul and Vince Portho so that they, the Gate Keeper and Key Master, can bring Gozer back to destroy Earth.
Part Four : Renshi Gozer Daishi successfully transfers Gozer into the body of one of his Renshi like he did with Zoul and Vince Portho, & causes chaos.
Part Five : Gozers Revenge The final battle goes down as Power Rangers Jungle Fury and The Real Ghost Busters take on Daishi and Gozer together.
Power Rangers Time Force Meets Dr. Who!
Power Rangers Time Force Dr. Who
Part One : Time to see the Doctor After his latest heroic deed, Time Force P.D. arrests the Doctor and accuses him of disrupting the timeflow.
Part Two : The Doctor will see you now The Doctor is interrogated by Officer Jen, who learn everything about the him, including his innocence.
Part Three : The Doctor is Bissey After he is released from custody, the Doctor helps the T.F.P.D. find out who the real culprit is, before he or she causes anymore damage to the space time continuum and his reputation.
Part Four : The Doctor is in After uncovering that Doctor What is the one responsible, Doctor Who and Power Rangers Time Force go after him before he erases The T.F.P.D. from existence forever.
Part Five : The Doctors Appointment After a long fight with Doctor What is his Minions, Dr. Who & the Time Force Rangers finally bring the evil doctor the justice.
Power Rangers Dino Thunder Meets K.I.S.S.!
Power Rangers Dino Thunder K.I.S.S.
Part One : The Concert Kera wins 7 tickets for her favorite band and invites Cassidy, Devan and her fellow Dino Thunder Rangers to see K.I.S.S. .
Part Two : Rockster Messogog's latest monster crashes the K.I.S.S. concert and kidnaps the band, not realizing that they have super powers.
Part Three : Time To Rock N Role K.I.S.S. starts destroying Messogog's lab before they are assisted by the Dino Thunder Power Rangers.
Part Four : After the Concert As the Dino Rangers meet and hang out with the band, Rockster is planning his revenge on both Dino Thunder and K.I.S.S., with the help of Zeltrax, Elsa and the Tyranodrones.
Part Five : Let's Party In order to defeat Trickster, K.I.S.S. infuses the Dino Rangers and their Dinozords with the power and likeness of do so.
Power Rangers SPD VS Mars Attacks!
Power Rangers SPD The Martians
Part One : Invasion The Martians invade Earth after joining forces with Emperor Grumm, and Space Patrol Delta is called into action.
Part Two : Emergency The B-Squad Rangers confront the Martians, and fight.
Part Three : Mars Omega and Shadow Ranger go on a secret mission to defeat the Martians on their home planet, and succeeded.
Part Four : War The SPD Rangers use everything they have to defeat the Martians.
Part Five : Victory The remaining Martians are brought to justice and trial.
Power Rangers Wild Force Meets Archie!
Power Rangers Wild Force Archie
Part One : Archie's Wild Adventure Archie is attacked by Putrids but is saved by the Wild Force Rangers, who take him to the Animarium after learning that he was chosen 2 become the Green Ranger.
Part Two : Archie's Shadow Org Master Org turns Archie's shadow into a monster in order to lure him out of hiding, only for it to be destroyed by Archie : The Green Wild Force Ranger.
Part Three : Archie : The Green Gorilla Wild Force Ranger Cole : The Red Wild Force Ranger is jealous over how much metter Archie is compared to him, but his personal feelings are put on hold when the Shadow Org comes back as a giant, which brutally defeats the Wild Force Megazord in 10 seconds.
Part Four : Archie and The Ultimus Megazord Archie has his Green Gorilla Wildzord replace Cole's Red Lion Wildzord for a new Megazord formation called The Ultimus Megazord, which Dan says "Sounds like it was named after Optimus Prime." before the new Megazord destroyed Shadow Org in only a few minutes, with a without Sword and Shield Mode.
Part Five : Archie VS Cole Cole challenges Archie to a dual to prove who is the better leader and who should leave the team, and you'll never guess who wins.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Meet The Transformers Dinobots!
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Dinobots
Part One : Walking With Dinobots Lord Zedd casts a spell on the Dinobots and while under his control, he sends them out to akkack the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Part Two : Walking With Dinozords After being informed by Optimus Prime, Zordon tells the Rangers to free the Dinobots from Lord Zedd's spell and not to destroy them, which they soon accomplish with about 90% damage to their Dinozords. It will take a 2 dats to repair all of the damage.
Part Three : Rise of The Predicons Megatron sends all of the Decepticons that have a Beast Mode to aid Lord Zedd in ridding the Earth of the Rangers and Dinobots.
Part Four : 2nd Age of Extinction The Dinobots and Power Rangers all nearly died in temporary defeating all 100 members of the Predicon Race, but with the help of Proceptor, Wheeljack and Ratchet, the Dinozords are back and better than ever before.
Part Five : 2nd Day of the Dino The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with their Dinozords and the Dinobots attack Zedd's Moon Palace head on, wiping out 99% of the Decepticons who do not have a Beast Mode and leveling the Moon Palace into nothing but rubble and moon dust.
Power Rangers Megaforce Meets My Little Poney : Friendship Is Magic!
Power Rangers Megaforce The My Little Ponies
Part One : Poneys and Pirates The Megaforce/Super Megaforce Rangers travel to Eqestriah to uncover the secret origins of the Six New Power Set's.
Part Two : More Questions Than Answers The Pirate theme, The New Power Set's, Jake's Super Key being Green instead of Black and many more questions get answered with the help of Twilight Sparkle, but the Rangers begun to wonder why Gosei never told them any of this.
Part Three : The Truth Twilight Sparkle's magic soon reveals that Gosei is actually an incomplete prototype created by Zordon and Alpha Five as a replacement should anything ever happen to Zordon of Eltar.
Part Four : Forgiveness The Super Megaforce Rangers learn from the Poneys to forgive their so-called mentor, and decided to rename their Super Modes Power Rangers Captain Force, in honor of the pirate theme.
Part Five : Poneyzord The Captain Force Rangers sommom a new Zord to defeat an evil Poney named Dark Hoove with the Legendary Poney Megazord.
Power Rangers Samurai Meets G.I. Joe : A Real American Hero!
Power Rangers Samurai G.I. Joe
Part One : Samurai Recruits Duke recruits the Samurai Rangers for a top secret mission that only they and Snakeyes can accomplish.
Part Two : Master Zandrid's Cobra Army Cobra Commander forms an alliance with the Nilock; thus, turning his Cobra Soldier's into snake themed half Nilocks to help him concur the world.
Part Three : Sensei Snakeyes Snakeyes teaches everything he knows to Power Rangers Samurai in order to prepare them for Cobra Ninjas.
Part Four : Go Go G.I. Joe The Rangers and Joes finally bring the attack to Cobra.
Part Five : The Head's Of Two Snakes Duke and the Red Samurai Ranger both take on the Serpentor Nilock together.
Power Rangers Dino Charge in Jurassic Park!
Power Rangers Dino Charge Dr. Malcolm and Dr. Grant
Part One : The Arrival After learning of a recently recovered Yellow Energem in the number one park on the planet, the Dino Charge Rangers all head off to Jurassic World on the island known as Site A.
Part Two : Their Loose Mega Raptors escape from containment, and the Dino Charge Rangers are hired to Rangel them back up before they eat someone; however, the T-Rex and Spinosaurus also get loose.
Part Three : The Lost Energem A teenage guide for the park gets the Yellow Energem for the Rangers, but is also instantly morphed into a Yellow Dino Charge Ranger representing the Dino Charge Cycles.
Part Four : The Yellow Ranger Once all of the Dinosaurs are back in containment, Samantha Lee : The Dino Charge Yellow Ranger happily joins the team.
Part Five : Dino Charge Cycle Formation In order to defeat another monster sent by Sledge, Samantha Lee combines her and Chase' s Dino Charge Cycles with the Red T-Rex Dinozord to form the Dino Charge Megazord : Dubble Cycle Formation.
Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers Meet Godzilla!
Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers Godzilla : The King of The Monsters
Part One : Forbidden Oceans The Seatrons concur the Planet Aquatar with an army of giant monsters, so the Alien Rangers travel back to Earth in order to ask for the help of the true king of the monsters himself through telepathy, Godzilla.
Part Two : The Underwater Defender of Mankind Godzilla agrees to go back to Aquatar with the Alien Rangers to help free their planet from the evil Neptron and his Seatrons.
Part Three : A Planet of Water Godzilla takes on all of the Seatron monsters, forcing him to find and take control of the evil Space Godzilla.
Part Four : The Return of Space Godzilla The Alien Rangers help Godzilla defeate both Space Godzilla and Neptron,; thus, saving and freeing Aquatar from evil.
Part Five : The Tide Has Changed The Alien Rangers return Godzilla to Earth and help him defeate Gaboria.
Power Rangers RPM Meets Speed Racer!
Power Rangers RPM Speed Racer and Racer-X
Part One : Dimensional Speed While testing out the new Red Turbo Falcon Attackzord, Scoot Truman : the RPM Red Ranget accidentally Super Mega Speeds into another dimension, and meets Speed Racer.
Part Two : The New Red Racer Schot befriends Speed Racer and his family and helps him get ready for the big race, they even create for him a racecar baced on the Turbo Falcon Attackzord called The Red Falcon.
Part Three : Speed Bumped The evil Grimm Racer plans on getting rid of Speed Racer and his new friend,R.P.M.Red, while he is already ahead of the race.
Part Four : 1st place, 2nd Trap Grimm Racer captures Speed Racer and his racecar the Mach 6.5 with a giant Grimm Robot, so Schot morphs into action and transforms the Turbo Falcon Attackzord into the Turbo Falcon Megazord not only rescues both Speed and his car but destroys the evil robot and brings Grimm Racer to justice.
Part Five : 2nd Place, 2nd Trip Speed Racer and his family finally fix the Turbo Falcon Attackzord so that Schot can finally return home, not realizing that Grimm Racer stodeaway in the Zord in order to steel any and all its secrets from the source. Once Schot returns home and tells both Doctor K and the other Rangers what happened, Grimm Racer sneaks out of the Zord, steels data on the Shogon Storm Megazord, sneaks out of the bace and got captured by Professor Cog. Hoping to make a deal with the evil robot in exchange for data he stole, Professor Cog took it and turned him into a slave worker anyway, never to see freedom again.
Power Rangers Zeo Meets Judge Dredd
Power Rangers Zeo Judge Dredd
Part One : Here Comes The Judge Judge Dredd comes to Angel Grove in the past to save the Zeo Rangers from a robot from his timeline.
Part Two : The Judge VS The Ranger Hunter After Dredd saves Zeo Ranger Five from The Ranger Hunter, they and the other Zeo Rangers take him on together, and find out why hes after the Power Rangers Zeo.
Part Three : Prince Octane The Ranger Hunter turns out to be Prince Octane, son of Prince Gasket and Princess Archereena, who came from the future to avenge the death of his family and the rest of the Machine Empire. But Dredd and the Rangers send him to the scrapheep, in pieces.
Part Four : One Big Problem Prince Octane returns as a giant, so the Rangers form the Zeo Megazord, Super Zeo Megazord and sommon both the Red Battle Zeozord and Aric. As for Judge Dredd, he with his timelines future technology and his police force created a Judge Dredd coloured and themed version of the Red Battle Zeozord called The Judge Dredd Megazord. After Octane is destroyed, Dredd returns to the future with his Zord, happy that he saved the Zeo Rangers.
Part Five : The Aftermath Dredd, back in the future, soon learns what happened to the Zeo Rangers after he saved them from oblivion, including their return in the so called Legendary Battle against an army of X-Borgs.
Power Rangers Ninja Charge Meets The Underworld Heroes!
Power Rangers Ninja Charge Saleen, Mickle, their daughter and their friend
Part One : Ninjas of the Night Saleen and her family ask the Ninja Charge Rangers for help when the new Vampire King Vorden uses a vampire bat themed Shuriken to control all vampires and a Werewolf Shuriken to enslave all of the Werewolves, except for Salean and her family due to her powers and abilities and her husband and daughter both being hybrids.
Part Two : The Way of The Bat And Wolf The Ninja Charge Rangers and Team Saleen attack Vampire HQ where they take on an army of Vampires, Werewolves and Luke's.
Part Three : The Black Heart Of War The Rangers and Team Saleen take on Vordan, but he is too much for them.
Part Four : Out For A Bite Vordan easily defeats our heroes, kidnaps the Ninja Charge White Ranger, bites her and leaves her for dead in an ally before the other Rangers and Team Saleen finally find her. Saleen uses her powers to prevent her from becoming a Vampire, and the Blue Ranger got a transfusion to also save her life before Saleen and the Red Ranger go on to finish off Vordan once and for all.
Part Five : One Last Bite The Red Ninja Charge Ranger uses his Battlizer while Saleen uses her true inner power to finally destroy Vordan and take both Monster Shuriken' s , the Rangers then go home with them as Team Saleen went off on their next heroic adventure.
Power Rangers Ninja Storm Meets Metal Gear Solid
Power Rangers Ninja Storm Solid Snake
Part One : Joining Forces Solid Snake teams up with the Ninja Storm Rangers after learning that Lothor has stolen the plan's for an army of Metal Gears, which are now called The Metalgearzords.
Part Two : In The Heart Of The Ninja Storm Lothor sends the Metalgearzords to attack the Wind Ninja Academy, destroying the entire place in less than 3 minutes.
Part Three : Down But Not Out The Rangers get their Zords ready for war, with Solid Snake piloting a reprogrammed Ninja Storm themed Metalgearzord.
Part Four : More Than Ready To defeat all of the remaining Metalgearzords, Solid Snake combines his Zord with the Hurricane Megazord to create the Hurricane Gear Megazord, but the biggest one is too strong.
Part Five : When All Else Fails To only way to destroy the very last Metalgearzord, the Rangers combined the Hurricane Gear Megazord with the Mammoth Carry-O-Zord to create the Metal Gear Ultrazord.

NOTE : The Power Rangers would soon get their own continuous comicbook series, right after all of these other comics of course. 

Masked Rider Meets The A-Team!
Masked Rider The A-Team
Part One : A Family Kidnapping Dec' s foster family, The Stewart's, get captured by his evil Uncle Count Dregon, so he calls upon a ragtag team of mercenaries known to all as The A-Team to help save them.
Part Two : Bug On A Windshield After both of the Masked Rider's vehicles got damaged in the last battle, he rides with the A-Team in their van, and they all soon rescue his foster brother & foster sister from containment.
Part Three : He Hates Flying Dex and one of the A-Team members are afraid flying; but together, they will overcome that fear while riding in a jet to rescue his foster parents from Count Dregon's spaceship.
Part Four : Unfinished Business As his foster parents escape in a shuttle, Dex and the A-Team take on all of Dregon's top warriors before Dregon himself.
Part Five : All For The Family After Count Dregon is finally taken out, Masked Rider and The A-Team escape to safety before the spaceship explodes, just in time to have dinner with the Stewart family at their house.
V R Troopers Meet The X-File's!
V R Troopers Fox Molder and Dana Skully
Part One : Troopers And Agents Molder and Skully are investigating strange anomalies that have been appearing at night in Crossworld City, but eventually get attack by Grimlord's Skugs and Ultra Skugs before the V R Troopers save them in time. The FBI Agent's then follow them to Professor Heart's Lab & discover the V R Troopers secret identity.
Part Two : A Virtual X-File Professor Heart explains everything to Molder and Skully and soon they explained why they are here in Crossworld City, so they all join forces in order to find out if people are truly being abducted by aliens or if something or someone else is to blame for it all.
Part Three : A Grim Discovery The V R Troopers and the FBI Agents discover that Grimlord has been abducting people and turning into his new mutant army, but our heroes cured them in time before teleporting them all back to Crossworld City; however, they now have to deal with all of Grimlord's warriors before getting to their leader himself.
Part Four : Take Us To Your Leader After all of Grimlord's goons were all destroyed, they forced one of the Skugs to take them directly to his master, leading to the final showdown and the true identity of Grimlord himself.
Part Five : Zektor Industries After all of our heroes forced Grimlord to teleport back with them to his home on Earth, they discover that his true identity is Carl Zektor of Zektor Industries. As he was about to shoot Ryan Steele with a hidden pistol, Molder and Skully opened fire and saving his life with Carl Zektor lying dead on the ground.
Beetleborgs Metallix Meet Popeye The Sailor Man!
Beetleborgs Metallix Popeye and Olivoil
Part One : Traped In A Different Comicbook Nukus transports the Beetleborgs into a comicbook, which just so happens to be the latest issue of IDW Publishing's Popeye The Sailor Man, featuring the return of Blutto.
Part Two : Well Blow Me Down Popeye, his wife Olive and their friend the Professor promises to help the Beetleborgs get home; but first, they help Popeye rescue Olive from his arch nemesis Captain Blutto.
Part Three : Blutto's Revenge Blutto traps Popeye and The Beetleborgs in his dungeon, but they break free and are soon attacked by multiple sea monsters, but their combined power's even the playing field.
Part Four : Beetles Love Spinach Low on power, Popeye gives the Beetleborgs extra cans of his spinach, which they uncomfortably ate the regain their strength. They soon rescued Olivoil, defeated Blutto and hours later the Professor created a machine that was able to send the Beetleborgs home, along with an upgrade to their powers that will allow them to call on Popeye whenever they need his help.
Part Five : Welcome Home Beetleborgs In order to teach Nukus a lesson, the Beetleborgs Metallix summon Popeye to beat the ink and paint out of him, a lot.
Mystic Knights Of Tir Na Nog Meet Judge Dredd!
The Mystic Knights Judge Dredd
Part One : Judge Takes Knight Judge Dredd is Simmonds from the future to past in order to help the Mystic Knights defeat a new enemy.
Part Two : Knight Cort Dredd judges a revealed spy and sentences him to death, and that spy was the evil black fairy.
Part Three : Judgement Knight Dredd earns the power's of The Mystic Knight of Light after learning compassion and forgiveness.
Part Four : A Knights Order In The Kingdom Dredd and the Mystic Knights face off against the new enemy, and instead of sentencing her to death, he sentences her to life … in limbo.
Part Five : Dredd The Knight Dredd returns to his home timeline but leaves his Mystic Knight powers with Rohan : the Mystic Knight of Fire.
Power Rangers RPM VS The Terminator!
Power Rangers RPM John Connor Jr.
Part One : Vinjix's New Friend Skynet escapes his own destruction by teleporting and downloading ( Teleloading ) his programming into another dimension, the secondary Venjix mainframe computer.
Part Two : Son's of Soldiers John Connor Jr travels to the RPM Rangers reality to worn them of Skynet and his Terminators, so Schot ( R.P.M. Red ) and the other RPM Rangers agree to team up with him after realizing that if Venjix were to team up with Skynet, they would be unstoppable.
Part Three : Clankers and T-800s Venjix and Skynet send both of their robot armies to attack Corinth, but Connor and The Rangers take care of them.
Part F : Another Judgement Day Venjix and Skynet have created a robot body that they both share, making them Venjnet : The Power Ranger Terminator.
Part Five : The Ultimate Anti-Virus Doctor K has finished the Ultimate Anti-Virus, and John and Schot use it to destroy Venjnet once and for all. Jhon and the Rangers then say their goodbyes as he returns to his universe.
Los Luchadores Meet Judge Dredd!
Lobo Fortie, Turbine and Maria Valentine Judge Dredd
Part One : The Wrestling Judge Judge Dredd learns that the Welp has come to his timeline to steal future technology to concour the past; but, he was also followed by Los Luchadores, who team up with Dredd.
Part Two : The Welp VS The Judge Dredd takes on the Welp in hand to paw combat, and wins.
Part Three : A Judge In The Ring While the Welp is locked up, Lobo teaches Dredd every wrestling move he knows, which will come in handy when Turbine and Maria Valentine get sick while Dredd and Lobo go undercover to uncover the Welps new ally and tech seller.
Part Four : IIIIITTS JUDGEMENT TYME!!! After realizing that their opponents in their tag team match are the criminals they were looking for, so after they beat the snot out of them, Lobo and Dredd bring them to prison.
Part Five : Don't Judge A Dredd By His Uniform The Welp breaks free for a rematch with Judge Dredd, but Dredd winds up putting that bad bog to sleep…for good. Los Luchadores then return to their home timeline w/ Welps ashes.
Tommy's Dragonzord VS Godzilla!
Tommy Oliver : The Mighty Morphin Green Power Ranger Godzilla
Part One : The Stolen Dragon Dagger A Japanese Cyborg Samurai steals Tommys Dragon Dagger so that he can summon the Mighty Dragonzord and have it battle Godzilla in a fight to the death.
Part Two : Dragon Battle The Dragonzord and Godzilla rip each other apart until they both collapse, but Tommy knocks out the Cyber Samurai and reclaims his Dragon Dagger, which he then uses to heal both Godzilla and the Dragonzord. The 2 giants then became friends.
Part Three : Brothers Of The Dragon The Cyber Samurai is furious over the Green Ranger healing Godzilla, so he summons his personal zord Mecha Godzilla and his new ally the evil Space Godzilla, creating a Dragon War.
Part Four : The Dragon War The fight lasted for hours; but in the end, Godzilla and Dragonzord destroyed all three of their enemies before sunrise.
Part Five : Dragon Of The Sea When General Havoc's Metalasaurus Mark 3 and its pilot Lizardo proved too much for Tommy and his Dragonzord, Godzilla travels all the way from Japan to Angle Grove the help his friends destroy Lizardo and Metalasaurus Mark 3,& they did.
Mars Attacks…The Heroic Alliance!
Mighty Morphin, Mighty Squadron, Alien Rangers, Zeo, Turbo, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, Wild Force, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury, RPM, Samurai, Megaforce, Captain Force, Dino Charge and Ninja Charge Autobots, G.I. Joe, A-Team, Godzilla, Solid Snake, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Judge Dredd, Popeye The Sailor Man, K.I.S.S., U.S.S. Enterprise.E, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dinobots and Doctor Who
Part One : When Mars Attacks When the Martians invade every corner of Earth, all of the Power Rangers and their most powerful allies unite into an unstoppable army to take them all on.
Part Two : The Ultimate Army The Battle for Earth takes its toll on all the major cities, and our heroes regroup when the Martians over power them.
Part Three : Universal Control The Martians have won for now, but the smartest geniuses on our heroic team's create a virus that is highly contagious and fatal only to Martians that could win the war and destroy all of the Martians, even the ones back on the planet Mars.
Part Four : Martin Extinction The remaining Martians all gathet together in one final battle with our heroes, thats 300 Heroes VS 30,000 Martians in a Mega War.
Part Five : For The Earth After a long battle, our heroes celebrate a very long awaited victory as all of Earth phrases their defenders for saving them and the planet.

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