List of D.C.COMICS Power Rangers!
Team Name Number of Members
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Six
Mighty Squadron Power Rangers Six including The Mighty Morphin White Ranger
Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers Six including Ninjor
Power Rangers Zeo Six
Power Rangers Turbo Six
Power Rangers In Space Six
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Six including The Magna Defender
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Six
Power Rangers Time Force Six
Power Rangers Wild Force Six 
D.C.COMICS Power Rangers! 
Grand Total of Power Rangers from Wild Force Sixty (60)
List of Marvel Comics Power Rangers!
Team Name Number of Members
Power Rangers Ninja Storm Six
Power Rangers Dino Thunder Five
Power Rangers SPD Nine
Power Rangers Mystic Force Eight
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Seven including The Sentinel Knight
Power Rangers Jungle Fury Ten
Power Rangers RPM Ten including The 3 Palio Max R.P.M. Rangers
Grand Total of Power Rangers from Ninja Storm to R.P.M. Fiftyfive (55)
List of Papercutz Comics Power Rangers!
Team Name Number of Members
Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai Seven
Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Megaforce Seven
Power Rangers Dino Charge & Dino Supercharge Eleven
Power Rangers Ninja Charge & Ninja Supercharge Six
Power Rangers..................&Super.................... ??

After the Toei Company in Japan decided to stop making anymore new Super Sentai ( for good ), Mr Haim Saban decided that the only way to keep the Power Rangers franchise alive for good was to sell it to Comicbook publishing companies, but there were some problems. Marvel Comics only wanted the Disney Era/seasons ( Ninja Storm to R.P.M., but no Wild Force ), and Papercutz Comics only wanted the Nickelodeon seasons ( Samurai to Ninja Supercharge ), so Saban had to think of what other company would be perfect to publish comicbooks of the first ten seasons of Power Rangers ( Legendary Squadron Mode included ). He soon came to the realization that if Marvel Comics only wants the seven seasons created by Disney, he'll just sell the original ten seasons/teams to their rival company, D.C.COMICS. With the Power Rangers franchise split amongst multiple comicbook publishing companies, teamups and crossovers between Marvel, D.C.and Papercutz Comics have to be agreed upon without the risk of a lawsuit, which is of course very very rare.

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