Cole Evens : The Red Lion Wild Force Ranger and Jayden Shiba : The Red Samurai Ranger are now in a real Clash of the Red Rangers, as the two former leaders of their respected ranger teams continue their old rivalry in a personal dual that stretches off to five long years until only one is left alive. This animated series is based off of Samurai Jack but with the same animation as Star Wars Clone Wars back in 2003 to 2005. The cartoon lasted from 2020 to 2022, and then came back from late 2022 to early 2024. Below is a list of all the episodes of all five seasons of Power Rangers: Clash of the Red Rangers, The Animated Series. 

Season One
Name Story
A New Journey Pt One
A New Journey Pt Two
Alone Again
The Hunt
The Way of The Lion
Spirit of the Lion
Old School
Personal History
The Personal War
Bank Then
What The Future Holds
The Ultimate Dual Pt One
The Ultimate Dual Pt Two
Season Two
Name Story
Not Over Yet
A Town In Flames
Revenge Of The Lionzords
Two On One
My Father's A Traitor Pt One
My Father's A Traitor Pt Two
Not Welcomed
The Bounty
The Zord Hunter Returns Pt One
The Zord Hunter Returns Pt Two
Season Three
Name Story
Nowhere To Run
Nowhere To Hide
A Ghost From The Past Pt One
A Ghost From The Past Pt Two
My Father's Keeper Pt One
My Father's Keeper Pt Two
From Hunter To Hunted
Fight Me
Still A Power Ranger
Season Four
Name Story
The Falling Star
A Lion's Pride
The Storm
The Stolen Swords
Fire VS Fire
The Return
The Fatal Dual Pt One
The Fatal Dual Pt Two
Season Five
Name Story
Ranger Prey
The Power of Fire
Stealing The Bullzuka
Battle of The Battlizers Pt One
Battle of The Battlizers Pt Two
The Heart Of A Lion
Lion,Tiger And Bearzords Oh My
The Phantom Lion
Better Off Alone
The Final Dual Pt One
The Final Dual Pt Two
The Final Dual Pt Three

Note : Cole's son Boulder took his place as leader of the Wild Force Rangers with the power of the Red Gorilla Wildzord, to help form the GaoKnight Megazord.

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