Cole Evens : Red Lion Wild Force Ranger and Decker the half human half Nilock Samurai Warrior
Power Rangers Wild Force, Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai

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{{Name : Cole Evans|<Age : Mid Thirties>|<Race : Caucasian American and Nilock>|<Alias : Red Lion Wild Force Ranger and Decker>|<Weapons : Growl Phone Morpher, Savage Dagger, Uramasa Sword and Lion Gauntlet>|<Arsenal : Red Lion Animal Crystal, Red Lion Wildzord and Wild Force Rider ( Motorcycle )>|<Alliance : Good and hero ( former ) Neutral and anti hero/rogue>|<First Appearance : Power Rangers Wild Force episode one (2002)>|<Last Appearance : Power Rangers Super Samurai episode seventeen (2012)>|<Allies : Dyu ( his wife )>|<Enemies : Orgs, the Wild Force Rangers, Nilocks, the Samurai Rangers and Princess Shayla>|<Sworn Enemies : Boulder Even the Red Gorilla Wild Force Ranger ( Cole's son ),Jayden Shiba the Red Samurai Ranger and Serrater>|<Rangers killed : Jayden`s father ( the previous Red Samurai Ranger>|<Special Abilities : Talking to Animals>|<Birthplace : The Amazon>}}

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