These are the Auxiliary Zords of the complete remake of Power Rangers Super Megaforce called Power Rangers Captain Force. 

Power Rangers Captain Force Auxiliary Zords!
Auxiliary Zord Power Ranger Team it represents Combined Form with the Captain Megazord
Dragonzord Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Captain Mighty Morphin Megazord
Tigerzord Mighty Squadron Power Rangers Captain Squadron Megazord
Falconzord Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers Captain Alien Megazord
Gold Racer Zeozord Power Rangers Zeo Captain Zeo Megazord
Phantom Racer Turbozord Power Rangers Turbo Captain Turbo Megazord
Silver Spacezord Power Rangers In Space Captain In Space Megazord
TBA Power Rangers Lost Galaxy TBA
Five Hydro Blasters Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Captain Lightspeed Megazord
Q-Rex Drillzord/Dinozord/Megazord Power Rangers Time Force Captain Dino Thunder Megazord and Captain Overdrive Megazord
Red Lion Wildzord Power Rangers Wild Force Captain Wild Force Megazord
Green Ninjazord Power Rangers Ninja Storm Captain Ninja Storm Megazord
Orange T-Rex Dinozord ( from Power Rangers Ninja Charge ) Power Rangers Dino Thunder Captain Dino Thunder Megazord
Red SPD Zord Power Rangers SPD Captain SPD Megazord
Red Dragon Mysticzord Power Rangers Mystic Force Captain Mystic Force Megazord
Arm's and legs of Captain Megazord Power Rangers Operation Overdrive + Q-Rex Megazord torso = Captain Overdrive Megazord
Green Elephant Spiritzord ( from Power Rangers Ninja Charge ) Power Rangers Jungle Fury Captain Jungle Fury Megazord
Red Turbo Falcon Attackzord Power Rangers RPM Captain R.P.M.Megazord
Claw Battlezord Power Rangers Samurai Captain Samurai Megazord
Main Five Gosei Mechazord Head's Power Rangers Megaforce Captain Megaforce Megazord
Turbo Falcon Megazord R.P.M.and Captain Force Captain Megazord + Q-Rex Megazord + Turbo Falcon Megazord = Ultimate Captain Megazord
Blue Dragon Ninjazord Power Rangers Ninja Charge Captain Ninja Charge Megazord

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